What is AdBlue?

What is AdBlue? Why do we need AdBlue?

AdBlue technology is becoming popular in the field of new diesel-powered cars that reduce emissions. If your diesel car has been produced in the last few years, you may have seen a small secondary lid next to the oil tank lid (diesel). If the lid is marked with ‘AdBlue’ then your car is equipped with smart exhaust treatment technology. But in many Asian countries, you will hard to find a vehicle that is using Adblue because Asian still follow Euro 2 standards so Adblue is still an unfamiliar name for us. So what is AdBlue? Let know more interesting information about it in share category of Viknews.com.

What is AdBlue?

What is AdBlue?
In many Asian countries, you will hard to find a vehicle that is using Adblue

AdBlue is a copyrighted trademark registered by the VDA (The German Association of the Automotive Industry) for AUS 32 (Aqueous Urea Solution) compound – Urea solution 32.5%. This compound is used for selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) to reduce Nitrogen Oxide emission from diesel engines.

AdBlue is a high purity Urea solution and is completely removed from heavy metal components. AdBlue is non-toxic and very safe to handle. It neither explode nor burn and does not harm the environment. AdBlue is classified as the lowest risk category for transportable liquids. AdBlue is neither fuel nor fuel additive and needs to be contained in a dedicated tank. The using way of AdBlue is similar to refueling diesel/gasoline. If the liquid in contact with your hands, you just need to wash it with water.

Why do we need AdBlue?

Environmental standards are increasingly stricter for automobile manufacturers due to environmental issues. Euro 6 emissions standards begin to take effect in 2016 and will make a huge impact on diesel engines. In order to comply with the new regulations, car manufacturers had to focus on reducing harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.

‘Selective catalytic reduction’ technology (SCR) is an effective method to bring diesel engines up to Euro 6 standards. It is used by many famous automobile manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes. Mercedes with BlueTEC technology or Citroen BlueHDi all use SCR technology in conjunction with AdBlue.

What is AdBlue?
AdBlue is a copyrighted trademark registered by the VDA.

How does AdBlue work?

AdBlue is a non-toxic, colorless liquid with 2 main ingredients: distilled water and urea. To meet the Euro 6 standard, diesel-powered cars recently use SCR technology to inject this compound into the vehicle’s exhaust system. Urea solution combines with emissions to produce nitrogen gas and oxygen to be harmless to the environment by decomposing single nitrogen oxides (the main pollutant component of Diesel engines). This technology has been used in buses and heavy trucks for a long time, so its effectiveness and reliability has been proven.

Does your car use AdBlue?

SCR technology with AdBlue is becoming popular. If your car has recently been imported with US or European standards, it is possible that your car has applied AdBlue technology. Many people do not know this until the warning lights appear on the AdBlue additional notification panel. Because the SCR system has no effect on the operation of the vehicle, and there is no clock warning the remaining amount of AdBlue.

If you don’t know if your car uses AdBlue, then you can find out in the vehicle’s manual. You can check it to know the place of AdBlue cap. If it is not mentioned, your car may not equip SCR technology. If so, please check the exact location of the Adblue cap. Normally, the Adblue loader is next to the fuel feeder, but there are some cars that move this part to under the floor coverings.

What is AdBlue?
Normally, the Adblue loader is next to the fuel nap.

How to load AdBlue into the car tank?

If you need to move a long distance and are not sure about the amount of AdBlue remaining, you should check usually to avoid depleted AdBlue, which will affect the engine and SCR system as well as the vehicle exhaust system.

Adblue loading method is quite simple. The best way is to consult the manual of your vehicle, but usually, you just need to open the AdBlue side cap, then pour AdBlue into the container. In the case of large containers, it requires a connecting nozzle. You can buy a nozzle from any car’s equipment dealer if your container is too big. This will save you time for the Adblue pouring process and avoid spillage.

What is AdBlue?
AdBlue is a non-toxic, colorless liquid

Some vehicles require the use of wheel braces to wring the AdBlue bottle cap, and most require you to pour a relative amount (usually about three to five liters) when reloading, to stop the warning from AdBlue’s notification. Although not toxic, AdBlue is corrosive and can irritate skin, eyes, and lungs, thus you have to wash your hands after filling AdBlue.

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