What is adobe AIR?

What is Adobe AIR? 4 outstanding features of Adore AIR that you need to know.

What is Adobe AIR? This is a question that is many people are interested in when hearing about this term but do not understand what it means. So let join Viknews.com to find out what Adobe AIR is, Adobe AIR features, the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe AIR software in the following article.

What is Adobe AIR?

Adobe AIR is an offline running software developed by Adobe Systems to build rich Internet applications. To download Adobe AIR software to your computer, users can run applications on your computer or on mobile devices, programs that use Adobe Flash, Flex Apache, HTML, Javascript and XML.

What is adobe AIR?
Adobe AIR has been installed on nearly 300 million computers

Adobe AIR features

The outstanding features of Adore Air

Online application development: Adore Air allows the development of original applications for many platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet with a unique set of code.

Web application programming: Adore Air allows web programmers to create new web applications with diverse programming languages such as HTML, XML, Javascript, Flex.

An advantage of AIR is that the applications written to work with AIR use the same technology as when building normal Web applications, including Adobe Flex, Flash, HTML and JavaScript, so Very convenient for developers as well as programmers. “We want to have a number of hybrid applications that means when developers write programs on AIR and they will also have a web version,” said Michael Tunner, Adobe’s vice president of business.

What is adobe AIR?
Adore Air allows the development of original applications for many platforms

Using Adore air to create and access the web will give users a more pleasant feeling because these applications take up very little memory traffic so the process of booting faster, smooth animation effects, chapters smooth process, ensuring the design schedule.

Adobe AIR supports on the desktop platform

+ Window management – Open multiple windows, minimize, enlarge and resize AIR windows.

+ Menu bar – Add an original menu bar to AIR windows, with submenus and custom menu items.

+ File management – Explore drives, files and folders on your PC, create and delete files, rename, copy and move files.

+ Control panel application – Execute root applications with command line arguments and receive feedback via I / O streams and standard errors.

+ Multithreading – Manage multiple threads, to execute ActionScript 3 code in the background without freezing the user interface.

+ Web browser – View HTML web pages that fully support CSS and JavaScript in applications, with integrated WebKit-based web browser.

+ Clipboard access – Program to copy or paste text, bitmap or file into the system clipboard.

+ Drag and drop – Allows users to drag text, bitmap or file into AIR application.

What is adobe AIR?
Percentage of users using Adobe AIR around the world

Mobile features

+ 3D hardware acceleration graphics rendering (using Stage3D).

+ Events on the touch screen (including multi-touch gestures).

+ Access to device’s camera and microphone (including video encoding for recorded video).

+ Accelerometer and geographical location of sensor inputs (GPS or other).

+ AIR Gamepad – allows mobile applications to become secondary screens and controllers for games.

Download Adore Air software for free

For users, Adobe AIR offers access to new and exciting Rich Internet Application (RIA) models, running straight from the desktop. RIA takes very little memory, boots quickly and executes and has extremely smooth animation. You can download the Adobe AIR sprout for free at: https://get.adobe.com/fr/air/

3D graphics

In 2011, the Stage3D addition allowed AIR applications to access the GPU for hardware acceleration. Several third-party frameworks have been developed to build upon the functionality of Stage3D, including Starling Framework and Away3D. These frameworks are also compatible with AIR and provide important performance enhancements to AIR-published applications for mobile devices.

What is adobe AIR?
Adore Air allows the development of original applications for many platforms

Disadvantages of Adobe AIR software

Like some other technology software, besides the above advantages, Adore Air software also has limitations that the quality of applications running on this technology platform can be very different. However, this restriction is not a factor of concern and concern, preventing users from accessing.

Up to now, Adore Air is considered as one of the most popular and used free technology software. It has been installed on nearly 300 million computers. Some Adore Air versions have the most users currently: Adore Air, Adore Air, Adore Air, Adore Air, Adore Air, etc. You should choose the suitable Adore AIR versions depending on the operating system of the computer line, the phone you are using selects the appropriate version.

Above are some basic information that answers the question what Adore air is. We thank the readers for their interest and follow up the article. Please continue to follow Viknews.com’s share category to update more useful information.

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