What is a billing address?

What is a billing address? How to buy goods on Amazon quickly without using the billing address?

In recent years, when the era of information technology and internet boomed, traditional forms of shopping have gradually been replaced by new forms of sales, especially domestic and international e-commerce. With this form, you can not only buy goods in the country, but you can also order from abroad. So, we need to find out what is a billing address. Viknews.com also share with you how to buy goods on Amazon quickly with a billing address. Let read the following article to know more interesting information.

What is a billing address?

What is a billing address?
What is a billing address?

If you do not want to ask an acquaintance to buy a household or not through any intermediary unit when buying goods from e-commerce sites from abroad, you must register your account on these pages yourself and make sure conditions such as: good at understanding English, receiving address, and an important international thing is having a payment card. This is required to be Credit Card, Debit or Prepaid Card branded Master Card, Visa, American Express or JCB issued by banks.

After filling in all information such as Full name, First Name, address, contact information, there will be a Billing Address section for you to fill out. Understand exactly, this is the address you enter when you register your debit / prepaid or credit card, if you borrow from someone else, you must ask them exactly to avoid confusion and cannot pay when purchase.

Normally, filling in the Billing Address will be at the last step when making payment, do not get the address of your residence filled in because maybe your order will be canceled. If you buy goods on Amazon, Amazon will use that information to authenticate the payment with the bank so remember it correctly. If the Billing address of the order is different from the address registered with the bank, Amazon will send additional information and you must provide it for authentication.

What is a billing address?
Billing Address part will be at the last step when making .payment.

How to buy products on Amazon fast and easily without billing address?

If you use billing address when buying on Amazon you will encounter many other problems with many different procedures and will face many other risks such as damaged, lost, lost goods … To avoid worries. Above, Fado.vn is the first choice for you. Fado.vn is currently an e-commerce intermediary that buys Amazon Japan, America, and Germany today.

Facing the demand for international purchases, there are still many barriers of consumers, Fado.vn – a prestigious cross-border e-commerce platform with a mission to assist consumers to buy products directly on Amazon and e-commerce sites. Fado is a purchase method to ensure safety, has high prestige and fast.

Fado’s strengths

+ Thanks to the direct connection with Amazon, the goods displayed on Fado.vn always ensure the diversity and bulk, consistent with Amazon. With more than 3 billion products from countless industries from beauty, health, electronics, household goods, fashion, books … this diversity will help customers get more diverse choices.

+ Fado.vn buys products directly from foreign sellers, thus helping customers to save costs and feel secure about the origin and quality of goods.

+ Fado guarantees a fixed and reliable expense for customers with the price listed from the printhead on the product without worrying about any other arising.

+ Fado is committed to the accuracy of data information such as providing product information such as price, origin because all are updated in real time based on price changes from Amazon. It is the continuous updating of information that will help consumers catch all the continuous promotions from abroad

+ Fado will fully resolve and commit to authenticity and prestige of the paperwork on behalf of Fado, and at the same time provide a full invoice and confirmation of purchase in a transparent manner to ensure the face of the girl goods in accordance with the customer’s original purchase commitment.

What is a billing address?
If the Billing address of the order is different from the address registered with the bank, Amazon will send additional information and you must provide it for authentication.

+ Fado has enthusiastic customer service and professional work for the benefit of consumers. The customer care specialist will find out information about the reputation of the seller and the quality of the product to inform the customer.

How to buy goods on Amazon with Fado

Step 1: Log in to Fado.vn account with G + or Facebook account or you can Register a new account at “Register”.

Step 2: On the search bar, customers choose the Amazon region of Japan, type keywords about the brand of products you want to buy. If you feel satisfied, you can proceed to drop the product into the cart. If you buy items with more information about size, style, color, quantity, the buyer should complete it as it will be the basis for Fado to buy the product correctly.

Step 3: Once you have placed the item in the basket and decided to pay, the customer continues to fill in the information on the quantity of the goods, the delivery address as well as the promotion code (if any), then press the “Processing order “. Payment will then be made – customers will prepay in percentages such as 50%, 80% or 100%. Finally, the customer will end the purchase process by clicking on “Complete order”.

What is a billing address?
Can we buy goods on Amazon without the billing address?

Step 4: Once the order is completed, the customer proceeds to track his order by reviewing the information about the order details. Customers need to check mail to confirm the purchase. In addition, to actively monitor the status of your order, customers can log into the account on Fado, then select the “Track orders”.

If you use the billing address to buy goods online remember to change it when you move to the new location. The changing processes can be done with the bank that issued your card. If you find this article is helpful, please share it with your friends. Let stay tuned and follow Viksnew.com to read more interesting information in the future!

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