What is data roaming?

What is data roaming? Things you should know about data roaming.

Every time you go abroad, besides the fact that you enjoy the trip, it’s hard to keep in touch with people at home. Understanding this difficult, mobile operators have linked together to invented international data roaming service. Do you know what is data roaming? If not, the following article of Viksnew.com will share with more information about this mobile service.

What is data roaming?

International data roaming is a service that allows mobile phone subscribers to use in signed territories. Customers will not need to worry about losing contact with relatives, friends, partners. For how it works, users will automatically connect to the mobile information network of your country. International roaming helps mobile users keep their phone numbers when traveling abroad.

What is data roaming?
Data roaming on iPhone

Benefits of using international data roaming

Registering for international data roaming it will be very helpful when you travel abroad. You will get all of the following advantages:

  • Support all mobile services: listening to calls, texting and using 3G / 4G data.
  • Keep in touch with relatives, friends and partners with the same phone number.
  • Using low-cost packages, utility services from domestic carriers.
  • A simple and easy way to register whether you are anywhere.

When do you should register for international data roaming?

When you want to use Vietnam phone number to contact people when traveling abroad. This helps partners, companies or families, friends can call you when needed or you can call internationally when you need it. So often this service is for those who go on business, business or management level, director. If you travel normally, it is not necessary to register for this service.

International roaming is quite expensive. Although the network has discounted up to 99%. So you should only use it to call Vietnam when you need it. You should not text or use 3G / 4G because the cost will be very high. You can take advantage of free wifi or buy more travel sim, portable wifi transmitter for free communication via the Internet.

data roaming is a service that allows mobile phone subscribers to use in signed territories
An advertising about data roaming in China.

Things to know about international roaming

  • The above international registration and cancellation method is free.
  • Postpaid subscribers will be limited to the amount of service usage. If you want to renew, you must deposit a sum of money at the network store.
  • When registering for roaming, you will be charged for listening to international calls. So if you find strange or unnecessary numbers, do not listen to the phone.
  • International roaming charges are calculated according to actual usage. There are no discounts for many uses. You will pay the freight directly to the Vietnam carrier.
  • With prepaid subscribers, you can add money to use the service. Promotions to your account will be reactivated after you return to Vietnam.
  • If roaming is enabled at the border, your phone will be able to receive foreign networks and international roaming charges will be charged.

What to do to avoid data roaming charges when using your phone overseas?

Turn off mobile data roaming transmission

You need to know how to use your phone. For example, for devices using iOS operating system (iPhone devices), you can turn off mobile data transfer (roaming) as follows (if the phone uses English, other languages apply the same):

  1. Click “Settings” (installation)
  2. Select “Mobile Networks” (mobile network)
  3. Move the “Data Roaming” cursor to the “Off” position.
What is data roaming?
Data roaming on iPhone

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi networks

The next step is to try to take advantage of Wi-Fi locations of airports, hotels, some shops, cafes like Starbucks, McDonald’s… and use some free apps (like Viber, iMessage). , WeChat, Facebook Messenger …) to contact friends and relatives. It should be noted that sometimes they only give away for free for a certain period of time, then they will charge or in many places, the scope of the WiFi network is only near the bar, lounge …

Note that if you do not turn off the mobile data as in the previous section when you leave that place, it can still automatically connect to the local phone network without your knowledge.

Avoid using “heavy” applications for data transmission

The following programs “consume” a lot of data: positioning, maps, Facebook … If not really needed, should avoid using. If you must use it, such as when you are in a new locality, you should download the map before you are at home or in a Wi-Fi network, then use it when not connected (off-line) . For example, you can drag Google Maps, Maps, or some other programs … to use offline. Microsoft’s Here Maps program also allows you to drag maps first if you have an account on Microsoft.

data roaming is a service that allows mobile phone subscribers to use in signed territories
An advertising about data roaming in America

Buy a local SIM where you go

If you have to use mobile data, buying a local SIM card where you go is a good solution, of course, you must have a phone that is not locked. If you do business and need to keep the number you are using to contact, you can choose to buy a dual SIM device, such as some cheap Oppo machines or Huawei made by China. When we can set the mobile data usage mode using local SIM, we also use our primary SIM to listen to phones and messages to reduce costs. Note that you should set a password, use the SIM lock to avoid the device being used when it gets into the hands of others.

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