What continent is Egypt in? An ultimate overview of Egypt !

The full name of Egypt is the Egyptian republic and is a country famous for its monumental pyramid works. Egypt has an acreage of more than 1,001,450 km2 but only has 85,29 million people live in with the most population density is concentrated in Cairo capital. Egypt is a country visited by a large number of tourists every year, but less than five percent of people know exactly what continent is Egypt in. Let’s find out about this topic with in the article below and get more interesting information about this country.

What continent is Egypt in?

Egypt is a country in northeastern Africa and southwest Asia, surrounded by the Mediterranean in the North and Hong Hai in the East. It has the west borders Libya, the south borders Sudan, the northeast borders Israel. Less than 10% of Egypt is inhabited and explored. These include the Nil valleys and deltas, lands along the Suez Canal and desert oases. Desert covered more than 90% of the land of Egypt. The entire Western region is desert Libia, which is part of the Sahara. In the desert, there is a vast Cattara basin.

Overview of Egypt

Population characteristics

Egypt is the second most populous country in Africa, with about eighty three million people. Most of the population is concentrated along the banks of the Nile (especially in Alexandria and Cairo) and in the Delta or the area near the Suez Canal. Nearly ninety percent of the population follows Islam and the rest follow Christianity (most are Copt Orthodox). In addition to religious division, Egyptians can be classified by demographics into people living in urban areas and farmers (fellahin) or farm owners in agricultural villages.

Egypt has a youthful age structure with children from 0 to 14 years old accounting for 32.3 percent, people from 15 to 24 years old accounting for 18percent, people from 25 to 54 years old accounting for 38.3 percent, people from 55 to 64 years old accounting for 6.6 percent and people over 65 years old equal 4.8 percent.

What continent is Egypt in

Religious characteristics

According to the constitution, any new institution must abide by Islamic law. Egypt is a Muslim country with nearly 90% of the population are being religious, most are Sunni which is a branch of Islam. Christians follow about 10% of the population, mostly Copt Orthodox with 9%, the remaining 1% are Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, and Armenian Orthodox that is a large part live in Alexandria and Cairo.

In a religious country like Egypt, interreligious marriages (marriage between two people of two different religions) are unacceptable. Couples will have to take a serious punishment when they get married.

Religion is a sensitive issue in Egypt. Many Christians and Muslims do not accept people leaving their congregation. Religious leaders see interreligious marriage as an attempt to recruit members from other religions and they can not accept it.

What continent is Egypt in

Economic characteristics

Recently, Egypt has developed to reach the first place of the economic size, population and is one of Africa’s leading FDI attraction countries. The main economic sectors of Egypt are tourism, oil, textiles, agricultural products processing, chemicals, construction, …

Unstable political situation negatively affected the economic development of Egypt, especially in fields that brought the biggest income sources for Egypt such as oil exports, attracting foreign investment, remittances … forcing the government of the President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have to apply many solutions of strong economic reforms such as subsidy cuts, VAT imposition, floating money, renewing policies investment, trade, etc…

These reforms have initially gained positive results, along with the financial support of the International Monetary Fund which helped the Egyptian economy to gradually stabilize and accelerate. Economic growth had reached 5.2 percent in 2017.

The foreign exchange market is stable, foreign exchange reserves are high with 44,14 billion USD. Inflation continues to decrease and keep stable at 11.4% in May 2018. The unemployment rate dropped to 10.6%, the lowest level since 2014 until now. Trade deficit decreased, tourism grew highly more than 83% in the first quarter in 2018 and foreign investment continued continue on the recovery momentum.

Socio-cultural characteristics

The literacy rate reached 52% with male accounting for 63.9% and female accounting fot 39%. Compulsory education for eight years and free study cost for all levels of study. The average life expectancy reaches 62.29 years with the highest age of 60.39 for men and the highest age of 64.49 for women.

There are many beautiful landscapes for travel, relaxation and entertainment such as the Cairo Capital (with an ancient mosque), the Albanian library, the famous Sea Lamp, the Xuy Canal , especially the Pyramids along the Nile.

3 Interesting facts about Egypt

Hair showing people’s status

In ancient Egypt, each person’s hairstyle represented their social status. Rich people often wear wigs while other classes have long hair naturally or braid into a tail behind. Egyptian boys up to 12 years old often shaved their heads to prevent heat.


In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore makeup. They use green from copper or black from lead to draw eye contours.

What continent is Egypt in

Pharaoh’s hair

Just a little number of people can see the real hair of Pharaoh. Only very close family members can admire and Pharaoh never reveals real hair to the public. Egyptian kings always wore masks for hair and the crown made from pure gold.

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