What is Maisonette

What is Maisonette? Why do rick people usually stay in Maisonette?

The appearance of Maisonette apartment has begun in major cities in Vietnam like Ha Noi capital, Ho Chi Minh City, etc… for about ten years. Nowadays, Maisonette apartment is being called by the name “Duplex apartment” and located only in the high-end condominium. Therefore, there are a lot of people are still do not understand clearly about the definition of Maisonette apartment and what advantages of Maisonette were. Let’s read the following article in viknews.com to answer the question “what is Maisonette?” and the reasons why the rich people often choose Duplex to stay.

What is Maisonette apartment?

Definition of a Maisonette apartment 

Maisonette apartment has its name beginning from the French word for house: “Maison”. That is a small house or a two floors apartment in a bigger apartment and has separated stairs.  People call Maisonette is “duplex apartment” because this is an apartment designed in duplex form and located between two adjacent houses in the same building. Usually, Maisonette apartment would be lying on the high floors of the building (except highest floor).

What is Maisonette

Advantages of Maisonette apartment

Usually, only high-end buildings have designed Maisonette apartments. Therefore, if you choose a condominium which owns Maisonette apartments, it means that you are living in a luxurious, modern place with full internal amenities.

Maisonette apartment is a spacious place and may have more than two floors. This apartment is very suitable for large families or person who wants a big living space. When living in Maisonette, you can invite friends and relatives to share joyable moments without worrying about the reception space or the sleeping room for guests.

Owners can unlimitedly arrange interior decorations and design many entertainment spaces such as karaoke room, bar, relaxation rooms, reading rooms,… in Maisonette apartment without worrying about the lack of space like other normal apartments.

What is Maisonette

When living in this apartment, people can have a wide view because the outdoor exposure of the apartment is always designed with toughened glass. So, with every point of view, you can get a glimpse of the beautiful and magnificent city.

Maisonette apartment can make the most of natural light sources thanks to its distinctive design. For most of us, the source of light represents an abundant source of energy. when living in a light-filled space, your soul naturally becomes light, refreshing, easy to come up with great ideas. That’s why so many designers, screenwriters, creative people want to choose a Maisonette apartment to live in.

The reasons why rich people prefer Maisonette apartment than townhouse

The townhouse offers many benefits for its owners. The first advantage is that its convenient for selling good and can attract a large number of customers. Moreover, townhouses have a high price and easy to trade when the owner wants to move elsewhere. In another hand, the price of a Maisonette apartment is much more expensive. However, instead of buying townhouses, rich people usually chose to buy Maisonette apartments. Why?

The most important reason is: with the rich people, the safety of them and their family are always in the top priority. When living in a Maisonette apartment, they will be protected by the security department all the time: twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; without having to worry about security. All of the people who want to take the elevator to Maisonette apartment floor must have their own elevator card. In addition, the number of corridor cameras on these floors are more than twice that of other normal floors.

In addition, thanks to the special design of Maisonette apartment with two floors, similar to the townhouse, Maisonette’s layout of rooms will be similar to a townhouse. It means that: the kitchen, the living room and dining room on the first floor. Besides, you have the bedroom, the reading room and other entertainment places on the second floor. This creates a perfect living environment for the owner.

What is Maisonette

Backdraws of living in Maisonette apartments

General houses are usually protected by permitted development rights, but a maisonette apartment is not a beneficial entity. This means that when the owners want to expand the space of the apartment, they will need to set up a plan for a large-scale expansion project and the risk of rejection is very high. Therefore, for those who intend to expand their apartments in the future, they should consider about living in a Maisonette apartment.

The amount of money needed to pay for a Maisonette apartment and the facilities inside the apartment monthly is very high. So, the owner of a Maisonette apartment must have a stable income with a salary of more than thirty thousand dollars per month. If you want to buy this kind of apartment, you need to prepare the amount of seven hundred thousand dollars or more, depending on the acreage and location of the apartment.

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