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Are Ball Jars the Same Thing as Mason Jars?
While Ball is perchance the one-identified trace, mason jars are produced by so much of fairly just a few companies (along side Kerr and Newell) and come in in an array of sizes and kinds. You’ll peek them by their flat lids and the threaded steel rings that defend the lids in residence. Nevertheless all of them, from the massive-mouth quart size to puny quilted jelly jars, internet greater than one trick up their sleeve.

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When canning, it’s indispensable to no longer re-exhaust mason jar lids, however within the event you’re merely using them to store things within the non permanent, that’s no longer a mission.
So within the event you happen to internet some mason jars at your disposal however are never if truth be told going to rating spherical to creating dwelling made jam and jelly (same), and you’re all residence for swiftly pickles today, these are just a few of our favourite fairly just a few ways to exhaust them. All these also work with clip- or gasket-model canning jars (esteem Weck jars and Le Parfait Spacious jars) and even leftover jars with screw tops from pickles, condiments, and preserves you picked up at the store.
Tricks on how to Use Mason Jars for Issues Moreover Canning
Even supposing the one hot water bath you’re going advance is your have tub, enact create obvious that that that you just’ve got a jar supposed for canning since that can point out it’s somewhat sturdy—mason jars supposed for ornamental capabilities or supplied as ingesting glasses would possibly presumably well no longer defend as much as all of these experiments (most severely something else animated warmth). And if it’s one you’re reusing, hit it with some baking soda and vinegar if there are any lingering smells.
1. Shake and Store Salad Dressing

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Handmade salad dressing is ridiculously easy (and most ceaselessly a ways more healthy and more savory than what you rating ready-made), even within the event you streak it in a bowl. Nevertheless exhaust a tightly lidded jar to shake it up, pour it, and store it and it’s guaranteed to create you wonder why the hell you’ve been procuring for bottles of French dressing from the store for thus prolonged.
2. Invent Frigid Brew

Good, you would internet esteem frigid brew bottles and pitchers, however within the event you internet already got a large 32-ounce mason jar, you don’t internet to. You would per chance presumably well need something to strain the espresso grounds, however chance is you’ve got that laying spherical too. Search how one can create mason jar frigid brew.
3. Invent Handmade Oat Milk

To head on your frigid brew, obviously! Or to exhaust in baking, smoothies, cereal, or sip straight. Learn how one can create oat milk and place hundreds cash. We especially esteem mason jars for the explanation that lids chase on good and tight—and it is top to shake the oat milk previous to every exhaust, so as that’s a large plus right here (however any fairly just a few tightly lidded container will enact).
4. Invent Ice Cream

Yes, genuine ice cream, in any model you’d like, with out an ice cream machine or any particular appliances. Ethical a minute bit stamina and arm energy and mason jar ice cream would possibly presumably even be your intellectual fact.
5. Bake Particular person Cakes and Crisps

Yes, it’s adorable, and there’s no internet to abhor on that on precept. Nevertheless baking mini desserts and fruit crisps in mason jars also occurs to be a obliging draw to create them easily portable for a picnic…no longer to mention support with portion defend a watch on within the event you esteem some assistance in that dwelling. Critical caveat: The producers of canning jars most ceaselessly picture no longer to position them within the oven as they’ll rupture, however a variety of different folks internet successfully baked in them, so it’s as much as you within the event you would effectively be looking for to defend terminate the risk or no longer. If no longer, you would composed pack particular particular person portions of mousse, parfait, and fairly just a few no-bake desserts.
6. Invent Noodle Soup Jars

There’s a prolonged, prolonged checklist of lunches and meal prep substances you would store in mason jars, from grain salads and sauces to shredded protein, however there’s something extra fulfilling about making an eco-agreeable (and, yes, a minute twee) DIY version of the Styrofoam cups of noodles you ate the general time as a minute bit one (or even composed enact now, however you would effectively be looking for to lower down on wasteful packaging). Some recipes name for skinny rice vermicelli to create obvious that they’ll soften even as you add boiling water, however you would also pleasing commence with cooked noodles of any model (al dente so that they don’t rating detached).
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7. Invent Grab-and-Saunter In a single day Oats

Photo Credit: Arx0nt / Moment / Getty Photos

In a single day oats and/or chia pudding are easy to whip up in a mason jar for a seize-and-chase breakfast…even within the event you’re only going as a ways as your espresso table, which is today also your residence of job desk. No less than you obtained’t internet to lug your glass jars a prolonged draw assist dwelling to scrub them at the tip of the week.
8. Saunter Skilled at Pantry Storage

There are hundreds ideas for organizing all of your pantry staples, and while gathering ample mason jars to decant everything into them would possibly per chance defend terminate a while, you internet to admit it appears improbable—however you would pleasing exhaust just a few for things esteem dried beans and bulk bin nuts and grains to commence.
9. Gift Handmade Cocoa, Cake Mix, or Completely different Creations

Handmade food items are persistently a hit someday of the holidays (or any fairly just a few time you’re feeling succesful, for that topic), and mason jars are most ceaselessly a convenient and tasty draw to present them. Plus, your recipient can then reuse them when they enact all of your cocoa, cake mix, or limoncello. A fetching tag and a ribbon and you don’t even internet to wrap it, especially if it’s something with somewhat layers.
10. Regrow Scallions

Let’s face it: Making sourdough isn’t any longer all that easy. Regrowing scallions is, although the one inexperienced dwelling you’ve got is a windowsill. And while they retain terminate a while to sprout, the course of is downright appetizing even previous to you understand it’s saving you cash. (At the same time as you’re being scrappy, within the event you would effectively be lucky ample to internet a minute more room outdoors, exhaust a couple more mason jars to store espresso grounds and eggshells for serving to your backyard develop.)
11. Upgrade Your Relaxation room Storage

We are merely dipping our toes into your total flood of “crafts with mason jars” however this one is extremely…yep, face it: adorable. Spray paint the jars within the event you esteem, and procure a fraction of artfully weathered scrap picket to place noteworthy more dough on this straightforward DIY mission. That you would be in a position to presumably exhaust the identical residence-up within the kitchen for utensils within the event you’re short on counter and drawer dwelling.
12. Invent Planters

If you happen to don’t internet the dwelling for a stout backyard outdoors, you would exhaust mason jars to plant herbs indoors, or even create them precise into a residence for hardy succulents. Mount a single row or just a few ranks of jars, for a inexperienced wall in any room that can exhaust a minute bit livening up.


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