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Brad Keselowski – winner: “It was a enormous trip for us and the 2 group. Here’s, I deem my vehicle from Loudon, and I major to discontinuance a extremely chilly burnout with it, but I would like this vehicle for Phoenix. It’s 2-for-2 and I’m true pumped. I don’t must survey too a long way forward. We’ve acquired to receive there. The next round is gonna be for sure tough, but, mute, I’m for sure pumped about this efficiency and the methodology we bustle at speedy tracks. I felt savor coming in here with the Western Smartly-known person/Alliance Ford Mustang that we’d bustle well, but this ingredient was awesome.”
(WHAT KIND OF STATEMENT IS THIS FOR PHOENIX?)  “We’ve acquired to receive there. The last two years I haven’t made it the total methodology, so we’ve acquired to receive the total methodology there, but if we are in a position to receive to Phoenix, we’re gonna be for sure appropriate.”
Martin Truex Jr. – performed second: “If reality be told was fairly taken aback that we ran as appropriate as we did with the methodology that the vehicle felt. It for sure wasn’t doing the relaxation that I major it to discontinuance or that we’ve performed here in the previous after we’ve been appropriate. Beautiful a fight all evening, fought laborious and the fellows did a enormous job with adjustments, pit stops and all that to appropriate fabricate and non-public us up entrance. Beautiful, solid evening.”
Joey Logano – performed third: “It was a fairly mute trip and we appropriate selection of hung around in the high three time and yet again. I felt savor our vehicle was fairly appropriate in the origin of the trip. The notice selection of tightened up a itsy-bitsy bit and we lost a itsy-bitsy little bit of escape to (Martin Truex Jr.) and (Austin Dillon) a itsy-bitsy bit and also, obviously, (Keselowski)  Congrats to those guys.  They were like a flash this day. It appropriate seemed savor if we mounted the turn I acquired loose off, so it seemed savor make a choice your poison a itsy-bitsy bit.  It appropriate seemed savor we had third to fourth-region escape in our vehicle and we performed third with the Shell/Pennzoil Mustang. We’re doing what we must discontinuance.
We scored stage aspects and a high 5 and locations us in a fairly appropriate feature for next weekend. I’m joyful with the difficulty and joyful with what we’ve picked up here currently for the explanation that playoffs started. We appropriate must aid it rolling. If we non-public getting high fives we’ll receive the total methodology to Phoenix. We appropriate must aid doing that.”
Austin Dillon – performed fourth: “I feel savor I gave one away tonight. Our Dow NORKOOL Chevrolet was so like a flash. We had a massive day for stage aspects, which goes to abet us out worthy image-wise. We had a speeding penalty in Stage 1, and to return from the again to the entrance in that stage appropriate presentations how like a flash our Chevy was tonight. This No. 3 group is on fire factual now and exhibiting up when it issues. I hold a line at Richmond, and it has been working for me. I bustle a itsy-bitsy decrease on the straightaway, and it offers me appropriate forward pressure. I noticed some different drivers originate picking it up and laying the rubber down on that line. It could maybe possibly maybe presumably presumably want injure us a itsy-bitsy bit on the stay of the trip, but the largest ingredient is after we came to pit road for our second inexperienced-flag cease in Stage 3, we were making an strive to bring every person down.
“The No. 1 vehicle was in my mirror on tires. I overdrove that entry appropriate a itsy-bitsy bit pondering that I major to aid a long way flung from getting rear-ended, after which it was savor ‘Oh no, I’m going to hit the purple field’ so I needed to kind one other lap around the notice. That designate us three seconds. It potentially killed our deal, nevertheless it was mute early, so who knows. It was plenty of enjoyable out here tonight, and I deem we had the inform vehicle tonight.”

Lumber Elliott – performed fifth: “First off, we were methodology better than we’ve been here, potentially ever, so I believed that was a worthy enchancment for us. We for sure major it here. This has been a extremely, for sure tough notice for us. I believed we acquired our NAPA Auto Ingredients Camaro appropriate, seriously thru the heart part. Beautiful acquired a itsy-bitsy leisurely, I deem, because the trip went on to roll the heart as appropriate as we major to late in a bustle. Nonetheless, we were methodology, methodology better than we’ve ever been here I feel savor sooner than. And consistently all evening, too. I believed that was a fairly worthy step for us at a notice that we’ve for sure struggled at.”
Kyle Busch – performed sixth: “More or much less same as last evening (in the Xfinity trip). Beautiful now now not rather sufficient turn in the heart of the nook to aid wrapping on the lengthy runs. The speedy runs it seemed savor I was for sure a itsy-bitsy bit loose after which it was starting to switch a itsy-bitsy bit tight after which it was tight loose. Beautiful now now not sufficient overall grip I advise. More or much less been combating that a itsy-bitsy bit this year. The fellows gave a enormous fight. Adam (Stevens, crew chief) now now not being here and I believed Jacob (Canter, absorb-in crew chief) did a enormous job. All of us know Adam was again at house. … Total, that’s all we had. We fought laborious with our M&M’s Camry and we came up speedy of a high-5.”
Aric Almirola – performed eighth: “The Smithfield Ford was a handful all evening. All individuals saved in it and saved working on it. We acquired a high-10 enact and it was a appropriate level day. That’s the worthy ingredient. Now we desire to switch to Bristol next weekend, bustle well and receive ourselves into the following round.”
Alex Bowman – performed ninth: “How about that? We ended up high 10 at Richmond. That is savor a miracle. We had a extremely appropriate vehicle and positively better than a ninth-region vehicle. I made my handsome fragment of mistakes and we had some points getting on and off pit road. We lost some time there. I’m pumped for Truck Hero and CHEVYGOODS.com. It is for sure queer to be this pumped about running ninth, seriously after we had a unparalleled better vehicle than ninth. Last time we were here we ran, I deem, 24th. Here’s appropriate momentum for us going into the cutoff trip next week in Bristol.”
Clint Bowyer – performed 10th: “We were appropriate off a click on. Honestly, I believed we’d attain to Richmond and bustle better than that. We desired to bustle better than that. Tenth region isn’t gonna decrease it if you receive in the playoffs. We’re looking out for more than that on these speedy tracks in particular. We’ve mute acquired one more. It’s plenty of enjoyable going to Bristol. Being apprehensive about something there’s a sense of enjoyable in that. I’m taking a seek forward to next weekend and seeing the plot it all shakes out. We were appropriate last time there and there’s no reason we are in a position to’t be it yet again.
Tyler Reddick – performed 11th: “I deem Richmond Raceway is one basically the most hard tracks on the circuit, but my No. 8 Cat Rental Retailer group did a enormous job tonight helping me receive my rhythm and construct a solid bustle available with our Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. No longer having any declare here for my first Cup originate, it took me a itsy-bitsy little bit of time in the first stage to establish the inform methodology to receive around here with the steadiness I had in our vehicle. My complete group did a appropriate job of inspecting the SMT data accessible to us in true-time and relaying to my spotter, Derek Kneeland, on what I major to be doing in a different way heading in the true path to originate spots available. That data for sure did abet and made a ton of difference in our evening. Between that suggestions and the adjustments we made all the plot thru our pit stops tonight, I was ready to turn into more assured in the vehicle and bustle more difficult with every bustle of the evening.”
Denny Hamlin  – performed 12th: “It appropriate seemed savor once the notice rubbered up, we appropriate weren’t any appropriate. We couldn’t receive off the nook appropriate, couldn’t receive in the nook. Beautiful nothing was for sure very appropriate with it. I must thank every person from FedEx Cares for striking this vehicle on the trip notice. This positively methodology lots to folks I spoke to last week with the National Urban League, so thanks every person. We can switch on to the following round and go hold some enjoyable next week and survey how we discontinuance.”
Kurt Busch – performed 13th: “Our pit approach appropriate didn’t prove the methodology that we had hoped. We for sure needed to work laborious early in the trip to non-public watch over the tires and an sick-going thru vehicle. The fellows did a nice job working on the steadiness, to kind the Monster Energy Chevy better on the lengthy runs. Without a cautions to abet us out we appropriate weren’t ready to rob a spoil that we major. Who ever thought we would a speedy notice with out a unplanned cautions?”
Cole Custer – performed 14th: “It’s appropriate classic Richmond, I advise. You appropriate are attempting to fight and fight all evening for that perfect selection of steadiness and it’s appropriate for sure laborious to receive. This notice, it’s savor you’re on ice available fairly unparalleled, so striking a super vehicle collectively is for sure laborious. We had instances the attach we were fairly appropriate with our HaasTooling.com Mustang and there were instances the attach we were a itsy-bitsy off, and it appropriate selection of led to an ok day. I deem we’re mute eight aspects out, so it’s now now not too pass and we are in a position to switch to Bristol and if we hold a appropriate day, we are in a position to lock ourselves in, nevertheless it’s appropriate gonna be a fight the total methodology to the stay.”
Matt DiBenedetto – performed 17th: “If there’s one notice to be in a must-make a choice field that I would bag it could maybe presumably presumably positively be Bristol. I deem we hold a appropriate shot at it. It is one which I’m smitten by and hold circled off in this round. I deem obviously tonight was a tricky one on us. It is tough with out a declare. We needed to for sure kind plenty of adjustments on the vehicle on the pit stops. We acquired it the attach it major to be nevertheless it took about a minutes thanks to no declare. We acquired it driving respectable after which there were appropriate no cautions to receive us again on the lead lap and receive us in rivalry to hold a tight day which we would hold if we acquired the vehicle factual. So, we are going to receive a plot to switch to Bristol and forestall the inform we are in a position to.”
Ryan Blaney – performed 19th: “We must the least bit times make a choice next weekend. It is fairly shocking and simple. With the pass couple of races we hold had here to originate the playoffs off, we potentially must go available and make a choice Bristol. That is our mindset. That is our design. It is our design every week to make a choice the trip but now it is our season on the road. We can survey if we are in a position to receive it performed. We were fairly terminate at Bristol sooner than, it is appropriate a topic of making an strive to connect a complete trip collectively there.”
William Byron – performed 21st: “It is what it is – we ran inappropriate tonight and no excuse for that. It was for sure selection of a leisurely death your complete trip, so we’ll go to Bristol and regroup for that one.”
Michael McDowell – performed 25th: “Successfully that was a lengthy evening at Richmond. We fired off fairly appropriate on the first bustle and I felt savor we were going to hold something, but I’m now now not precisely clear what came about on the second bustle; we appropriate acquired for sure loose and lost plenty of notice region for some time sooner than at last getting it again. Without plenty of cautions, there weren’t many opportunities to receive bunched again up. It wasn’t the bustle that we major for our No. 34 Take care of’s Scramble Stops / Speedco Ford Mustang, but we stayed terminate to the fellows that we’re racing with in the aspects and we’ll non-public combating; head to Bristol and take a look at and receive a higher bustle in there. All individuals did a appropriate job and worked for sure laborious, we appropriate didn’t rather hold it tonight.”
Daniel Suarez – performed 29th: “We must the least bit times aid working laborious to receive escape. Our T-TEN Toyota was loose on entry and exit and tight in the heart the first phase of the trip. We worked to kind it better, the attach it was fairly appropriate on fresh tires in the first phase of the bustle and for sure appropriate on outmoded tires the last phase of the bustle. We appropriate struggled all the plot thru the heart phase of these lengthy runs. Bask in I said, we appropriate must aid working laborious to receive more escape. Let’s go to Bristol, the attach we had one among our most attention-grabbing finishes of the season, and take a look at and forestall even better.”
John Hunter Nemechek – performed 30th: “It was a tricky evening for our No. 38 group. We had a inform with the steerage wheel from the originate, and appropriate couldn’t for sure rob that unparalleled of a spoil all the plot thru the trip. We were free for basically the most phase, and appropriate struggled on energy. Nonetheless the class of this Entrance Row Motorsports group is that we never stop. My guys mute discontinuance the whole lot they’ll to region us up for an true enact. We hold some notes to add to our speedy notice pocket guide, so we’ll hit the reset button on the store this week and switch on to Bristol.”
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