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Bob Woodward and Donald Trump (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Photos)

Trump’s screw ups reach from a deep, dark neatly of apprehension and cowardice. He doesn’t assume in anything else, even himself

Lucian K. Truscott IV

September 12, 2020 12: 00PM (UTC)
In step with interviews recorded by Bob Woodward for his e-book, “Rage,” Donald Trump changed into as soon as briefed by nationwide safety adviser Robert O’Brien on Jan. 28 of this year that the coronavirus “steadily is the largest nationwide safety possibility you face in your presidency,” that the virus changed into as soon as 5 cases more deadly than regular flu, that it changed into as soon as spread when “you merely breathe the air,” and that it would rapidly become a worldwide pandemic. Within the imply time Trump urged Woodward these items, on Feb. 7, the president had one job: Persuade the American other folks to work together to deal successfully with this possibility to their health and neatly-being. 
That can perhaps imply, in the arriving months, that Trump would need to persuade other folks it changed into as soon as now no longer merely of their passion, nevertheless basic for his or her very survival, to earn a full bunch of stuff they would now no longer want to earn. They would need to undergo lengthy “lockdowns,” after they would no doubt be confined to their properties. They would need to grab their kids out of faculty and learn to deal with “faraway learning” from home. So much of them would need to shut down their corporations or be laid off from their jobs. Sports competitions, from junior excessive and highschool level appropriate on through college and expert sports activities take care of baseball and basketball, would be canceled. Stay presentations would be canceled. Museums and zoos and nationwide parks and public sights take care of Disneyland and a quantity of amusement parks would shut. Eating locations and bars would shut. Of us would now no longer be in a bunch apart to earn in expansive groups to reduction conventions or scrutinize movies or performs or reduction their young other folks’s graduations, and even in smaller groups for birthdays and dinner occasions and weddings. Of us would be forbidden to seek recommendation from their elderly household in nursing properties. If their household purchased sick, they would now no longer be in a bunch apart to seek recommendation from them in hospitals. If loved ones died, it would now no longer be seemingly to celebrate their lives in person at funerals. It can perhaps become basic for other folks to learn to “socially distance” themselves and even to wear maintaining masks after they have been round others.
But Donald Trump didn’t know easy how to persuade others to earn things they didn’t want to earn. All he understood changed into as soon as apprehension and money. Trump had spent his total lifestyles dealing with other folks in two ways: He would strive to intimidate and frighten them, and if that did now no longer work, he would bewitch them off. Two things which you and I most certainly survey at as to be averted, yes, take care of a scourge — assembly with lawyers and accountants — Donald Trump did on virtually a day-to-day foundation. This changed into as soon as the map in which Trump moved during the enviornment. When he encountered a notify, he would earn one in all his lawyers to threaten court cases or file them, and when the court cases failed, he’d quiz his accountants to figure out a ability to switch money that wasn’t his — for instance, money from his supposed charitable foundation — so he would possibly maybe perhaps bewitch his map out of danger with a settlement.
The revelations from Woodward’s interviews with Trump don’t account for us significant that we didn’t already know. Trump knew all in regards to the hazards of the virus. For sure he did. Trump lied about what he knew. Ditto. Trump is contemptuous of “his” generals, calling them “a bunch of pussies.” We realized easiest days ahead of he had known as those who gave their lives in war “losers” and “suckers,” so we knew that, too.
What we have now no longer realized yet is why. If Trump knew map assist in February that the coronavirus changed into as soon as as dreadful as the 1918 flu pandemic and changed into as soon as likely to cause severe damage to the financial system, why didn’t he earn what he’d repeatedly performed and bewitch his map out of it? Why didn’t he propose a equipment of about $8 trillion to $10 trillion that will perhaps perhaps assault the virus with health care spending and defend the financial system with a massive stimulus? It changed into as soon as a ultimate setup: He can have convinced the supine Republicans to run alongside, the Democrats would have been occupied with it, he would be spending any other person’s money, and he would possibly maybe neatly be coasting his formulation to re-election by now. But as soon as he had made his case that the virus changed into as soon as merely a “hoax,” that it changed into as soon as “take care of a flu,” and that the U.S. had “comely significant shut it down,” he forfeited his likelihood to exercise his map during the crisis.  
As a substitute, what we purchased changed into as soon as more than 6.6 million cases of coronavirus, on the self-discipline of 200,000 needless, and one other Trumpian tsunami of lies and cheerleading. Birth up! Ship the youngsters assist to school! Play ball! It can perhaps merely disappear! Stare at the stock market! Unemployment is down!
The words “magical pondering” reach up the total time to listing Trump’s methodology to the largest nationwide anxiety confronted by this country in a hundred years. Alternatively it’s worse than that. It’s now no longer merely the lies and dissembling and projection onto others — Stare at Biden in that silly conceal! Trump’s screw ups reach from a deep, dark neatly of apprehension and cowardice and inadequacy. He doesn’t assume in himself, so he has never believed in his ability to affect others.
Donald Trump had no notion of what I name the exercise of energy in the absence of cash. Right here’s energy at its most absolute, the facility to inspire squaddies to possibility their lives in wrestle, the facility to inspire scientific doctors and nurses to possibility their lives treating patients with deadly communicable diseases, the facility that motivates somebody to provide his or her lifestyles for one other.
You can’t threaten squaddies with court martial to earn them to price an enemy that is shooting at them. You can’t provide a doctor or a nurse a elevate, or threaten to nick their pay, to earn them to positioned on a robe and a conceal and gloves and deal with patients sick with diseases that would kill them as neatly as the patients. Right here’s what Donald Trump has never understood: You can’t drive somebody to earn things they don’t want to earn. You should to earn them to prefer it. 
You earn that by leading from the front, as they extinct to claim in the Military. Leading by instance. If it would be important to persuade other folks to wear masks in characterize to keep lives, then you definately earn one thing you don’t want to earn and wear one your self. If other folks are losing their jobs, and you are asking them to are residing with much less, then you definately earn off the golf direction and dwell pointless crap take care of redesigning the Rose Backyard. If a full bunch of hundreds of your fellow Individuals are loss of life from a virus that’s now no longer their fault, you write letters of condolence and figure out a ability to reduction some digital funerals. You portion their sacrifice. You point to just a few appreciate.
But that’s now no longer Donald Trump. He has no appreciate. He doesn’t care about anyone nevertheless himself, and from his contempt for veterans and what he has urged Bob Woodward about his haphazard dealing with of the pandemic, he’s now no longer very real at that either. Whilst a narcissist, he’s a failure.
Lucian K. Truscott IV
Lucian K. Truscott IV, a graduate of West Level, has had a 50-year occupation as a journalist, novelist and screenwriter. He has lined tales akin to Watergate, the Stonewall riots and wars in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is additionally the author of 5 bestselling novels and several other unsuccessful motion photos. He has three young other folks, lives on the East Stop of Lengthy Island and spends his time Caring Referring to the Utter of Our Nation and madly scribbling in a so-far fruitless strive and Create Things Better. He would possibly maybe perhaps be adopted on Facebook at The Rabbit Gap and on Twitter @LucianKTruscott.
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