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Alabama head coach Cut Saban spoke to native and nationwide newshounds through Zoom on Saturday. Under is all the things he stated following the Crimson Tide’s second scrimmage of the preseason. 
“Currently became our second scrimmage. I judge what you cherish to desire to glimpse is rather loads of enchancment from the main scrimmage to the second scrimmage which approach that one of the things that you’ve done in observe had been very efficient in helping your avid gamers give a enhance to and I judge we surely did that. I additionally judge that we wished to manufacture things very sport-cherish as of late so even supposing final week’s Saturday observe became form of sport scenarios it in fact became tranquil no longer a scrimmage and as of late for no longer lower than 30-one thing plays we performed exactly cherish a sport with kicking scenarios, rankings, stops, turnovers — no topic took teach, took teach and we needed to pass adjust and fabricate the next play and I judge that became functional to the avid gamers as effectively.
“Nonetheless I judge one among the wonderful things we desire to manufacture is it’s most valuable that our avid gamers form of put off into the tradition of what has helped us be profitable here for a lengthy, lengthy time and that’s the intangibles that we play with, the work ethic that we have got got, the self-discipline that we play with, the toughness, the trouble and folk having a large sense of urgency about how most valuable it is miles to manufacture their job so that their unit — their crew — has a gamble to reach success. And which approach we have got got to play at a extinct and it’s no longer ever in fact someone else’s long-established. It’s our long-established. I judge everybody’s gotta put off into that. They’ve got to put off into the crew, the crew having success and profitable is terribly, most valuable and that desires to be what everybody put off into. ‘Be basically the most sharp player I will most likely be so I will make a contribution to the crew’s success’ and in that — as a rule whilst you manufacture that — you likely can abolish plentiful fee to your self for my share attributable to which approach you’re taking part in at a high stage and participating in cherish everybody likes to glimpse you play which is taking part in profitable football on a fixed basis.
“So I judge this fashion of indicators the close of camp even supposing we didn’t absorb camp. We now desire to absorb a approach of urgency to bag prepared for the season. We’ll in fact launch that after we come back to observe on Tuesday in phrases of early opponents and originate to bag prepared for our first sport. I became very delighted. The offense became handsome efficient as of late. The offensive line became taking part in in fact, in fact effectively. I judge both quarterbacks performed handsome effectively as of late. We now absorb some explosive avid gamers at receiver. Smitty and Dart are both taking part in extraordinarily effectively and one of the opposite guys are coming alongside and participating in very, very effectively. No doubt impressed with the running backs that we had. The young guys in fact performed effectively, so we had rather loads of neutral correct things happen on the offensive aspect.
“Defensively I judge there became rather loads of neutral correct things nonetheless there’s surely rather loads of things that we desire to comely up and give a enhance to on and but again there’s loads extra inexperience on protection. They desire to be taught the importance of taking part in together, communicating, no longer going available and felony pressing attempting to manufacture what they’re alleged to manufacture nonetheless when circumstance changes that they know the way one can adapt and adjust and play together as a unit and I judge that’s one thing that we’ll continue to get better at.
“From a kicking sport standpoint, the experts absorb done in fact, in fact effectively. A pair of punters had been handsome fixed. Will became four-of-five as of late. I judge he overlooked cherish a 55-yarder or one thing so he’s been doing in fact effectively from a kicking standpoint so rather loads of things to work on, rather loads of things to provide a enhance to nonetheless surely below no circumstances disappointed within the event that we’ve made to this level.”  
On if the quarterbacks showed enchancment…
“Yeah, they had been unbelievable as of late, very efficient. Honest completion percentages, threw for some substantial plays, made some explosive plays, made some explosive plays in vital scenarios, made some neutral correct plays in special scenarios. I judge the offense became handsome neutral correct on third down, which constantly goes back to quarterback decision-making and folk getting open. So that they performed effectively.” 
On who’s taking part within the Money location in dime… 
“DeMarcco is taking part in it. He has performed it some within the past. Brian Branch is a young player that we’re attempting to play there as effectively. We’re very, very skinny within the secondary. We wouldn’t absorb rather loads of depth and we have got got rather loads of young avid gamers, and it be very complex to coach them at a entire lot of positions, nonetheless we’re attempting to make employ of this time in an effort to manufacture that. Whether or no longer we’re going so that you may per chance continue to manufacture that at some level of the season remains to be considered. Nonetheless if we have got got to, if we have got got to — basically the most sharp avid gamers to play after we’re taking part in nickel, then we’ll felony desire to play nickel as a replacement of dime. I relish cherish we have got got a handsome neutral correct first community; it be felony going to be a piece in development growing these younger avid gamers who absorb made extreme development. So I’m in fact delighted, nonetheless I felony know from past trip that whilst you are attempting to bag — in particular when the season starts, things replace from week to week. You bag young avid gamers that play a entire lot of positions and so they would not absorb in fact rather loads of trip to procedure from [and] it makes it very complex for them.” 
On Will Reichard’s self assurance, kicking competition…
“There is tranquil rather loads of competition at the kicking location. Joseph’s tranquil here and he has rather loads of trip and he’s in fact made enchancment this autumn, and we have got got any other guys which will most likely be on this draw which absorb done extraordinarily effectively. So there’s rather loads of competition there and I’m no longer prepared to single someone out. We’re tranquil attempting to opt out who basically the most sharp kicker is.” 
On Christian Barmore, Justin Eboigbe, Byron Young… 
“I judge they’re making development. I judge Justin’s likely the fellow that been basically the most fixed guy. All these guys absorb made rather loads of development. Barmore has surely been one among our simplest plod-rushers. He’s going to be out for about a days with a knee wound. No longer valuable, no longer vital. He didn’t work as of late, nonetheless he has done in fact, in fact effectively. Nonetheless we’ve gotta bag these guys to be neutral correct all-around avid gamers. We’ve gotta bag them in an effort to bustle the passer. About a of them play the bustle, gotta give a enhance to speeding the passer. We’ve got some guys that bustle the passer effectively, and so they’ve gotta give a enhance to on taking part within the bustle. So, it’s form of a community effort to bag that community persevering with to provide a enhance to. With out staring at the movie as of late, I will’t in fact observation on exactly how we did, nonetheless for basically the most phase, we have got got been a cramped extra bodily up entrance. And we bag challenged every day attributable to we’ve got a handsome neutral correct offensive line. I’ve been delighted with the approach they’ve performed, and it’s neutral correct competition for everybody.”
On whether Landon Dickerson plays guard or heart… 
“Landon has been enormous. He’s been a extraordinarily neutral correct leader of that community. He does extraordinarily effectively when he plays heart. He does in fact effectively when he plays guard. We’re going to manufacture a decision at some deadline how will we bag the five simplest guys on the sphere. That can absorb one thing to manufacture with what the wound trouble is. Nonetheless as of factual now, he’s performed extraordinarily effectively, and after we’ve requested him to play guard, he’s performed very effectively there. Nonetheless as other avid gamers fabricate, we constantly are attempting in an effort to bag our five simplest guys in there, and that can imply that he ends up taking part in some guard at some deadline down the boulevard.”
Full video of his press conference: 

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