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Expose: This story initially ran when Avengers: Endgame used to be first launched, however we’re sharing it but again in light of the news that Kang the Conqueror is reportedly going to be showing in Ant-Man 3, performed by Jonathan Majors.Avengers: Endgame can also merely now not be the first MCU movie to deal with the thought of time rush, however it completely makes beefy utilize of that celebrated sci-fi movie trope. And as Marty McFly will tell you, the impart with time rush is that it is intelligent to place the genie motivate within the bottle. Now that the Avengers receive bent the MCU timeline to their will, they’ll be facing the ramifications and unintended consequences for a really lengthy time to reach.With that in thoughts, we cannot benefit however wonder if this used to be the 1st step toward introducing one of the important good Wonder villains of all of them. Did Endgame situation up Kang the Conqueror’s becoming a member of the MCU in Portion 4? Be taught on for our theories on the topic… Art work by Jim Cheung. (Image Credit: Wonder Comics)The Articulate of the MCU TimelineThe MCU timeline is now not in big shape within the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame. As powerful as Bruce Banner would receive you ever judge it is very now not going to essentially alter the previous (ensuing from the most modern becomes your previous and the previous becomes your future and all that nonsense), that’s extra or less what the Avengers did. They traveled motivate in time and adjusted historical previous in subtle however key ways. The ingredient is, this resulted within the introduction of alternate timelines. So in one newly created timeline, Captain The US educated his previous self Bucky is alive and made Brock Rumlow judge Steve Rogers is a Hydra agent. That is also the build Ant-Man and Iron Man by likelihood let Loki spoil out with the Tesseract. In a single more, Nebula killed her youthful self. And Gamora can also merely neatly be quiet from time exclusively.As powerful as Cap tried to soft over these tough patches when he went motivate and returned the Infinity Stones, the ruin has most likely been performed. And primarily based exclusively exclusively on what directors Joe and Anthony Russo receive talked about, Cap did create an exclusively completely different branching timeline when he stayed within the previous.That’s the reason we judge time rush will proceed to play a essentially important role in Portion 4 of the Wonder Universe. These mistakes will receive ripple outcomes. Loki’s spoil out by myself will nearly completely play into the upcoming Loki series on Disney+. Even because the Avengers restored the half of the universe Thanos obliterated, they’ll also merely receive caused an exclusively original disaster in alternate.Kang the Conqueror’s Honorable MCU DebutAnd that will perchance also be the build Kang steps in. This extremely fantastic villain is unfriendly for having weaponized time itself. He freely travels between previous and future and manipulates the route of human historical previous for his maintain ends. He dominated in traditional Egypt as a god, and he lords over the far away future as an all-extremely fantastic tyrant. And no topic how in most cases Kang is defeated and reputedly killed, his mastery of time manner there is regularly one more version of him moving to strike the Avengers when they least quiz him.The occasions of Endgame may perchance perchance simply help because the catalyst for Kang’s debut. Probably Endgame serves as his origin story. When a younger Kang sees how the Avengers were able to control time in uncover to pause an very now not going diagram, he’s impressed to pause the identical. Or maybe Kang has regularly been lurking behind the scenes within the MCU, and the Avengers’ actions plot him feel threatened sufficient to at final point out himself. It will be that the occasions of Endgame leave time itself broken, leaving Kang an opening to work his mischief on a ultimate grander scale.Who Will the Fresh Iron Man Be?Now that Wonder has beefy receive entry to to Fox’s stable of Estimable Four characters (the build he originated), it appears to be like sophisticated to judge they receive now not receive plans for Kang within the arriving years. He is simply too ideally fitted for the publish-Endgame MCU.The Kang Connection: Reed Richards, Iron Lad and MoreNot most efficient is Kang extremely fantastic and unpredictable sufficient to support as a pleasant Thanos-level villain, his Wonder Universe connections plot him a essentially important linchpin. Kang can also moreover be the glue that ties many Wonder franchises collectively. He is basically linked to the Estimable Four, having debuted in Estimable Four #19 and published to be the far away descendant of Reed Richards. However he’s amongst essentially the most iconic Avengers villains of all time (no pun intended). He even has ties to the X-Men (having once groomed Apocalypse to be his successor) and Inhumans (he served as foster father to Sad Plug and Medusa’s son).The High 25 Wonder VillainsThen there are Kang’s ties to the Young Avengers. Wonder is showing each signal of introducing this teen superhero group within the advance future, with Hawkeye’s Disney+ series reportedly featuring him finding a successor in Kate Bishop and Endgame introducing an older version of Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie. The distinctive Young Avengers group used to be formed by Iron Lad, who appropriate so happens to be a younger, idealistic version of Kang the Conqueror. No longer most efficient does Kang’s MCU debut seem very likely, however shall we thoroughly witness lots of incarnations of the persona struggling with each completely different. And would now not it is miles a dramatic twist for the teen heroes to be taught one of their number will eventually turn into one of the important Avengers’ most intriguing villains?This illustrates two of the good benefits to having Kang change Thanos because the high villain of the MCU. Kang ties a ultimate need of characters and franchises collectively. And ensuing from he’s a man who exists in lots of completely different incarnations true through thousands of years, he’s less more likely to wear out his welcome after showing in lots of motion photos. Why resolve for appropriate Kang will receive to you are going to also receive Rama-Tut, Nathaniel Richards, Iron Lad and the Scarlet Centurion? Time is regularly on his aspect.
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