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On the planet of wi-fi audio, there is aloof a heavy reliance on the work Apple has beforehand executed with the tried-and-examined AirPods. Whereas the produce is by-product of the AirPods, the OnePlus Buds are about the closest experience up to now on the Android aspect of things.

Smartphones and pill equipment bear change correct into a rising battleground as a mode to assemble bigger existing ecosystems beyond the “veteran” hardware and instrument. OnePlus has already made some amazing Bluetooth earbuds however sadly, even as it’s possible you’ll perchance wisely be averse to wires or tethers, then they bear got been a difficult promote.
With the free up of the OnePlus Nord, we at remaining got a pair of appropriate wi-fi earbuds from the firm. The OnePlus Buds may perchance perchance with out considerations be at a loss for words for their Apple counterparts and while I’d capture to bear considered some produce adjustments, it’s a tried and examined shape, gape and genuinely feel that “traditional merchants” are in quest of.
Even supposing even if the OnePlus Buds are aimed at mass-market allure, there are about a quirks that terminate them from genuinely achieving that — place the enticing sub-$80 entry-designate.

Starting with the raise case, as this is a major step up from outdated OnePlus earbuds and one among the most enticing parts of your complete OnePlus Buds kit in my humble belief. The matte terminate raise case acts as – you guessed it – a vessel to both give protection to and charge your earbuds.
My internal most first impressions had been it appears to be to be like luxuriate in a hybrid of the AirPods and Google Pixel Buds circumstances — which is just not any longer a horrible ingredient by any approach. The matte terminate is mostly correct long-duration of time produce resolution too because it’s a ways extra inclined to repel dings and scrapes this capability that – plus it genuine appears to be to be like better than vivid plastic.
You glean a battery/charge indicator on the entrance of the case with a metallic hinge and pairing button on the rear. It’s luxuriate in a small delicate satin pebble, which I genuine worship picking up. Yes, the case appears to be to be like familiar to many substitute an analogous TWS earbuds, however I terminate genuinely worship the OnePlus Buds case.
The resemblance between the OnePlus Buds and the distinctive AirPods is shining uncanny first and main watch, however there is relatively of nuance to the OnePlus produce that I deem does separate them from the Apple model. Let’s focus on the shape first, which takes the total shape and stem produce and places a minor creep.
The “tip” is enlarged with a rounded head for ear placement, while the stem ought to aloof stabilize every bud when fitted. There is a small rounded touch-enabled share that enables you to carry out some in vogue controls with out desiring to attain to your cellphone.
You’ve considered this produce 1,000,000 times since Apple generally presented it to the plenty. The metallic tip on the bottom of every stem is yet any other “borrowed” produce substitute nonetheless it helps the buds put magnetically attached to the internal charge case.

I bear the Nord Blue-colored OnePlus Buds to match my OnePlus Nord instrument, and the two-tone vivid buds and internal green case shade does genuinely feel relatively of low-designate. I deem our have Ben Schoon summed them up wisely by suggesting that the “the hardware became low-designate — low-designate satisfactory to be anticipated at a dollar retailer” however that you positively worship that in a queer manner the extra you use them. My advice would be to use them up in white or grey, because the Nord blue earbuds are no longer the most enticing.
There is a small sensor in every earbud that’s moreover in a location to detect even as you’ve got them seated within your ears. Right here’s gargantuan for being in a location to use away an earbud and communicate to somebody, with the audio resuming even as you set apart a OnePlus Bud assist in. Even supposing there is a small exclaim I bear, this does mean that you are going to be in a location to solely hear when both earbuds are in your ears. It’s annoying nonetheless it’s one thing I am hoping that OnePlus can fix with a instrument update.
Comfort & Match
For the reason that OnePlus Buds bear that “generic” shape that has worked so efficiently for Apple, you’ll either worship or dislike the match. Now, this concurrently is where the earbuds will pose the most considerations by a ways. They’re gentle and plastic dominates right here moderately substantially.
For the most part, I bear had no major considerations when becoming the earbuds in my ears. Nonetheless, the correct earbud genuine doesn’t play wisely and ought to aloof step by step tumble out if I don’t seat it in my ear canal wisely. Would I counsel these earbuds for the energetic person? In fact, no I wouldn’t. Any minor circulate and I discontinue up having to use them up off the flooring – which is on the full a major challenge on a toddle.
At the risk of contradicting myself though, the inability of genuine seal will be an argument for some folks accessible for sure however seemingly no longer all folks. I will’t inform they are uncomfortable even with some factors conserving them in my ears. Despite the incontrovertible truth that I capture silicone-tipped earbuds, the OnePlus Buds are shining principal resplendent. Moreover they’re no longer designed to give you a “sealed” feeling though, which I deem is mostly distinguished to recount.
Whereas I procure the OnePlus Bullets Wi-fi Z to be the most happy earbuds I bear passe, the OnePlus Buds are one day of the pack. I in my view am unable to position on them for hours at a time because they tumble out, however bear passe them for as a lot as an hour on long walks with out major discomfort. Utilize all of that with a grain of salt though, as consolation is notoriously hard to quantify though this capability that of all of our differing physical ear shapes.
Sound quality
Let me first absolve myself of any upcoming sins by uttering that: “I’m no longer an audiophile.” Now with that out of the manner you are going to be in a location to use my belief of the OnePlus Buds sound quality with relatively of bit extra leniency. Even supposing I capture to deem I know what I’m talking about to a tight extent.
If you happen to would luxuriate in genuine sound isolation then I’d inform steer clear of the OnePlus Buds. The marginally originate produce approach that you are going to be in a location to’t glean a appropriate “seal” which finally ends up in instrumentals and complex tracks generally feeling lackluster or “thin.”
Nonetheless, 13.4mm drivers can assemble very correct sound when within the correct environments. On legend of there is just not this form of thing as a genuine seal bass can genuinely feel overemphasized however as somebody who listens to the genres where this genuinely benefits, I bear learned it excellent. The soundstage in all fairness thin however wisely pronounced, even if they are ridiculously conclude in sound profile to that of in vogue AirPods.
Unfortunately, there is solely one excessive-quality Bluetooth codec supported by these earbuds too. AAC is supported however aptX is aloof locked to the Bullets Wi-fi 2. That approach even as it’s possible you’ll perchance wisely be a codec snob, the OnePlus Buds won’t be for you.
The sound quality in calls is correct, however the microphone may perchance seemingly even be relatively of tinny now and then — or so I were told by those I bear known as. You’ll aloof be in a location to hear the caller on the discontinue of the highway and not using a factors though they in most cases ought to aloof hear you in traditional stipulations genuine resplendent.
Integration & Controls

Let’s glean some pitfalls out of the manner first. If you happen to terminate no longer have a OnePlus smartphone, then you definately may perchance perchance no longer be in a location to update your OnePlus Buds. That’s a terribly mountainous challenge from the outset, as you won’t glean glean entry to to instrument fixes and main tweaks. It moreover makes the OnePlus Buds genuinely hard to counsel even as you don’t bear a accomplice instrument.
Google Speedily Pair is included, which makes gentle work of conserving discover of battery ranges, connecting, and genuine conserving mindful of where your OnePlus Buds are — I luxuriate in the “ping” characteristic to procure every individual earbud. Beyond that though, there genuinely isn’t a wealth of controls however I’d agree with they’ll be resplendent nonetheless it’s annoying that you are going to be in a location to’t skip assist tracks or customize these alternate choices even as you terminate no longer bear a OnePlus-branded smartphone:
Swap to the remaining connected instrument — Touch and retain either aspect for 3 seconds
Reject name — retain either aspect for 5 seconds
Answer name — double-tap either aspect
Skip a discover — double-tap either aspect
Even supposing this is not very any longer all of the touch controls can terminate even as you terminate happen to bear a OnePlus smartphone. With the most contemporary OxygenOS updates you’ll glean glean entry to to a substitute of extra controls at the side of the flexibility to alter the double-tap action. This does mean you are going to be in a location to add the skip assist probability and even activate your converse assistant of substitute. At contemporary there no manner to tweak equalizer settings or sound profiles however that will be that you are going to be in a location to deem of with a instrument update.
OnePlus has moreover touted low-latency gaming with the Fnatic gaming mode that’s built into OxygenOS. I haven’t genuinely seen any major increases or boosts all the device by technique of my diminutive cell gaming. Latency doesn’t seem like an argument when watching YouTube videos or Netflix either.
Battery Life
I’ve been very impressed after about a weeks using the OnePlus Buds almost on a long-established basis. I haven’t had to attain for the charger all too step by step which is one among the most demanding aspects of many substitute in an analogous vogue priced and competing wi-fi earbuds.
OnePlus charges the buds at around seven hours, which I’d inform is just not any longer a ways off genuine from my have usage pattern. Between 5 and 6 hours had been the norm outdated to I needed to position the buds assist into the charging case. I’m aloof sad that there is just not this form of thing as a wi-fi charging probability for the Buds however I take advantage of the an analogous charger for the OnePlus Nord and it takes relatively of over an hour to wander from 0 to 100%.
Closing suggestions
The OnePlus Buds are surprisingly correct wi-fi earbuds. The case and battery are particular highlights in my experience however I’d moreover inform the consist-however-modest sound profile is yet yet any other impressive component. As a ways as experience goes, they are by a ways the closest to the Apple AirPods you are going to be in a location to glean from and Android OEM.
An tremendous gripe is that even as you have a smartphone with out a OnePlus logo embossed upon it, then they are genuine yet any other pair of semi-respectable wi-fi earbuds. To glean entry to all of the added controls and benefits, you are going to bear got to have a OnePlus smartphone.
At $79, they attach no longer seem like a horrible pair of buds by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, you’re pretty better off going for one thing luxuriate in the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for the added extras that work with any Android smartphone. That’s unless you have a OnePlus instrument, in which case they are come by on a long-established basis accomplice even as you don’t luxuriate in the vastly superior OnePlus Bullets Wi-fi 2.
Where can I glean the OnePlus Buds?
The OnePlus Buds are on hand without delay from OnePlus.com or Amazon.com for $79 in three colours: grey, blue, and white.
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