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Howdy there from your usual millennial. Love comparatively about a you, I grew up appropriate because the procure was ~a part~ and used to be coding my receive HTML on Myspace on the refined age of 13. Obviously, I’ve heard allllll the millennial jokes and stereotypes. I indicate, my dad asks me if I’m posting “on the facechat” on every occasion I toddle on my cellphone.

So when the ABC existing Selfie premiered in 2014, I figured it would appropriate be a corny existing about social media. Nonetheless slight did I know that, even despite the proven truth that Selfie is all about millennial culture, it’s additionally ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS OF ALL TIME.

The series follows Eliza Dooley, a reputedly vapid, social media–obsessed twentysomething who works at a pharmaceutical firm. She’s notorious on social media, but after getting dumped, she realizes that “being friended is not the equivalent as having pals.” So as to remake her image (aka turn out to be a bigger particular person), she enlists crotchety coworker Henry to make expend of his advertising and marketing abilities on her persona.

Sadly, the existing used to be canceled after handiest one season, and a slight bit phase of me died alongside with it. Nonetheless I’m not on my own: The present has a cult following on Twitter, and there used to be even a petition to bring it relief that got over 65,000 signatures.

Enjoyable Fact: I could never compile over #Selfie being canceled. That existing used to be a gift to tv.

04: 44 PM – 26 Apr 2017

Eternally enraged about Selfie being cancelled. WE HAD JOHN CHO IN A ROM COM TV SHOW. #Oscars

03: 51 AM – 27 Feb 2017

It’s 2018 and it’s quiet advanced to address the truth the 2014 tv existing Selfie used to be cancelled appropriate when it used to be changing into colossal. #selfietvshow

07: 15 PM – 05 Might perchance perchance 2018

Clearly, my fellow millennials are appropriate as obsessed as I am, so please allow me to narrate why.


To open, it’s loosely in line with the musical, My Handsome Girl.

Warner Bros. / Via giphy.com

Eliza Dooley is a play on Eliza Doolittle, and Henry is in line with Henry Higgins! Both storylines note a particular person making an strive to “enhance” a girl’s social location and ending up falling in admire alongside with her alongside the manner.


It stars the one and handiest Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley.

Eric Mccandless / Getty Photography

Yes, of Physician Who, Avengers, and Jumanji popularity.


Plus, John Cho — and I can not stress this adequate — because the romantic lead.

Eric Mccandless / Getty Photography

He is the precise mix of witty, resplendent, and appropriate a fling of grumpy appeal. Give this man more romantic roles!


And the chemistry between them used to be off. the. charts.

Hulu / Via youtube.com

The present takes the “enemies to fans” trope and tiresome burn romance to a total recent level. Eliza thinks Henry is a total bore, while Henry thinks Eliza is ineffective and self-obsessed. Tiny create they know they if truth be told receive loads to learn from one any other.


The present poked enjoyable at Eliza’s obsession alongside with her cellphone, but additionally gave her a multifaceted and advanced persona.

ABC / Via giphy.com

As the existing goes on, we learn more about Eliza’s previous and the insecurity components that led to her being so angry about her appears. As a slight bit one, she used to be voted “Most Butt” (seriously, lol) by her classmates and bullied for her appears, which completely explains why she feels the should always appear so effect-collectively on social media. The layers, of us!


The references to 2000s popular culture are nostalgically hilarious.

Hulu / Via giphy.com

Keep in mind when we effect “hashtag” in entrance of the entirety? Ah, 2014 — a more purposeful time.


Eliza gives a haunting rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier” that will rival any individual’s post-breakup meltdown tune.

Glimpse this video on YouTube

ABC / Via youtube.com

I indicate, who amongst us has never drunkenly unbiased free our emotions at karaoke evening? Nonetheless in all seriousness, this scene if truth be told brings me to tears on every occasion I rewatch (which is…loads).


The total solid is various and unbelievable.

Hulu / Via giphy.com

Highlights of the supporting solid consist of Charmonique, the office receptionist, and her son, who we peek sounds exactly admire Eddie Murphy when he cries.


Plus, Eliza’s neighbors consist of a Jessica Day kind whose friend community sports actions the very 2014 inquire of of fraudulent prescription glasses and a ukelele as an accent.

Eric Mccandless / Getty Photography

The Tumblr vibes are STRONG with these ones. I can even or can even not receive owned that staunch skirt, but that is neither here nor there.


There could be an out of this world “makeunder” scene the build Eliza realizes she doesn’t need external validation to genuinely feel appropriate about herself.

Hulu / Via youtube.com

She even rips down all her “inspirational” photos of celebrities and puts up her “most butt” yearbook portray to remind her that she’s the unbiased mannequin she wanted all alongside.


And if that wasn’t adequate to persuade you, let me appropriate remind you of the predominant characters:

Eric Mccandless / Getty Photography

We had this couple and we appropriate allow them to flop. Cue the shame bells.

So, on the whole, my point is: Who’s down to pool their money collectively and open production on Season 2?


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