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2020-09-13T15: 01: 54.189ZVan Aert pulls over and now Bennett takes over with 8.7km to pass. Landa and Movistar aloof earn numbers at this point nonetheless no assaults but. Martin has been dropped one more time and Daniel Martinez. It be going to be all replace within the GC this day, aside from the tip-two as issues stand. 

2020-09-13T14: 58: 31.854ZWell over 10km to pass and Barguil and Quintana earn left Bernal on the mountain, whereas we aloof earn four Jumbo Visma riders within the lead neighborhood. The Bernal neighborhood is at 1’37. 

2020-09-13T14: 55: 55.999ZAdam Yates is moreover within the mix as Bernal pulls alongside his teammates. He is lost a minute already as just a few more riders fall support, alongside with Ellisonde. 

2020-09-13T14: 53: 40.222ZBernal is now at 38 seconds as he shakes his head one more time as Van Aert continues to place the tempo. Uran, Porte, Lopez, Pogacar, Landa, Roglic, Dumoulin, Mas, they’re all right here. 

2020-09-13T14: 52: 30.781ZBernal has lost 21 seconds already nonetheless that is going to be minutes at the cease and he obtained’t even be all over the tip ten after this day’s cease. Quintana has fashioned an alliance of sorts with Bernal as they both are trying to restrict their losses. Bernal has two riders with him nonetheless it with out a doubt’s all about limiting his losses as we behold the defending champion shaking his head. Bernal’s narrate is ending this day. 

2020-09-13T14: 50: 23.747ZBernal is basically struggling. Is it that support damage which capacity that of he can not support the tempo and the gap is rising. He can not even apply Quintana within the intervening time. 

2020-09-13T14: 49: 37.580ZThey’ve long previous. 13km to pass and Bernal and Quintana earn both been dropped. Game over for both of them if they’re going to be dropped this early. 

2020-09-13T14: 48: 46.096ZJust 13 seconds for Rolland and Bernal is ready to be dropped too.

2020-09-13T14: 48: 21.176ZQuintana is ready to be dropped. 13.3km to pass and he’s appropriate at the support, and he can not deal with the tempo from Wout Van Aert. 

2020-09-13T14: 47: 23.387ZGogl has actual been caught as G. Martin within the slay makes it support to the Roglic neighborhood as up forward Rolland has most productive 25 seconds.

2020-09-13T14: 46: 15.690ZBarguil can not deal with the Van Aert tempo, and he’s long previous out of the support and Polanc. We earn bought about 20 riders left with 13.8km to pass.

2020-09-13T14: 45: 25.652ZWout Van Aert shedding pure climbers is one thing else as few more riders hasten backwards. Within the intervening time Bernal actual has one teammate left.

2020-09-13T14: 43: 47.685ZUp the avenue and Rolland has 1’09 with 14.9km to pass as Van Aert continues to place the tempo. Gaudu has been dropped and D Martin is out the support too.

2020-09-13T14: 42: 33.349ZRolland has dropped Gogl as we behold Martin slowly coming support to the leaders. He will originate it nonetheless this has designate him plenty. Jesus Herrada his saviour.

2020-09-13T14: 40: 21.821Z15km to pass and the gap is down to actual 1’15.

2020-09-13T14: 38: 44.747ZMartin is coming support through the autos nonetheless right here is going to truly designate him as we behold the yellow jersey neighborhood fall to about 20 riders almost at as soon as. 

2020-09-13T14: 38: 02.454ZGesink, at final pulls over and Wout Van Aert takes over. G Martin needs a brand recent bike and that is the reason with out a doubt his day executed. 16km to pass,

2020-09-13T14: 36: 33.033ZAnd we’re rock climbing the 17km Massive Colombier and Gesink is aloof right here. Improbable because the gap to the leaders drops to 1’44.

2020-09-13T14: 35: 20.570ZGogl and Rolland are almost on the climb nonetheless their support is down to 1’49. It be a nice puny seven per cent opener. 

2020-09-13T14: 34: 26.952ZAnd or now not it’s Gesink aloof on the entrance truly as we behold Roglic with teammates all over him. Pogacar is much from by myself with aloof two riders from UAE there. Bernal moreover has numbers nonetheless what originate they’ve left in their legs after already struggling. Quintana, Landa, and Porte are all right here too. And Lopez, now not mentioned him but this day.

2020-09-13T14: 32: 03.016ZInside the final 20km to pass and there would possibly be now not any let up within the bunch. You would possibly anticipate the tempo to ease as riders rapid regroup nonetheless Jumbo Visma are actual surroundings a punishing tempo with Wout Van Aert on the entrance.

2020-09-13T14: 29: 37.642ZDan Martin provides his left quad a shake at the support of the neighborhood. If he has the legs for the stage steal then he has to pass truly early. Extensive anticipate of even supposing with plenty on the motorway with actual 4km to pass till we reach the inferior of the Massive Colombier. The gap to the 2 leaders is at 2’09.

2020-09-13T14: 26: 57.509ZHerrada has actual been swept up by the bunch with 24km to pass, whereas the 2 leaders earn extended their support to 2’11. Nice work from Gogl and Rolland.

2020-09-13T14: 24: 40.447ZGesink, who else, is aloof on the entrance and riding the tempo. Certainly, with out a doubt he’ll peel off at the foot of the next climb. On the birth of all this Ineos had been the second team within the bunch nonetheless Bahrain and UAE are now forward of them. The indicators are truly now not actual for Bernal at this point. 

2020-09-13T14: 22: 14.951ZFurther down the avenue and the Jumbo Visma practice take up Geschke as Rollland catches Gogl with 29km to pass. The peloton is at 2’03. Right here we Gogl.

2020-09-13T14: 20: 42.326ZMechanical for LL Sanchez, who  needs a brand recent rear wheel. He’ll be help within the valley, as he’s a tall descender. Up forward and Rolland is in sizzling pursuit of Gogl because the avenue flattens out.

2020-09-13T14: 19: 07.797ZNo or now not it’s aloof Gogl, Rolland and then Herrada on the avenue. The peloton are at 2’00 so we would perchance maybe aloof behold Gogl take hold of the combativity award, until Rolland returns and does one thing particular on the final climb.

2020-09-13T14: 17: 23.630ZGogl would perchance maybe birth the climb with a 1’40 lead nonetheless that would perchance maybe maybe under no circumstances be sufficient. He is persevering with on the descent and surroundings a inflamed tempo even supposing, as it appears to be like to be like indulge in Herrada has passed by Rolland. 33km to pass.

2020-09-13T14: 14: 37.040ZGogl is tearing down the descent and Rolland provides the  NTT rider some residence, with the yellow jersey neighborhood at 1’47. A reminder that every particular person the GC riders are within the Roglic neighborhood nonetheless we now earn got considered Ineos down to actual two riders at one point. They’ve managed to recuperate on the descents up to now nonetheless we now earn got a summit cease coming up. 

2020-09-13T14: 11: 27.491ZHerrada has lost some ground as we proceed to descent forward of the Massive Colombier, all 17km of it. 

2020-09-13T14: 10: 30.850ZA few more riders from Ineos earn made it support nonetheless Bernal used to be one more time reach the support on that final climb too. Is he bluffing or is he simply struggling? We did behold Kwiatkowski fade support to the scientific car earlier and he didn’t atomize. 

2020-09-13T14: 09: 17.516ZNow onto the descent and we now earn got three leaders: Gogl, Rolland and Herrada. They’ve 1;27 over the peloton with 41km to pass. 

2020-09-13T14: 04: 59.819ZEven even supposing they’ve crested the climb the avenue descends for actual a minute and then it goes up one more time for a whereas. Then or now not it is the long 16km descent in direction of the finale as Gogl comes support to Rolland. 

2020-09-13T14: 03: 54.536ZMartin is aloof with the yellow jersey neighborhood. Two Martins truly, with Dan Martin moreover right here. Entirely Tony Martin is missing.

2020-09-13T14: 02: 53.411ZAnd Rollland goes over the tip and takes 10 aspects. Gogl is next and then or now not it’s Herrada. Kwiatkowski picks up a bidon for Bernal nonetheless he’s almost the final line of defense at this point. 

2020-09-13T14: 01: 12.435ZAnd Rolland has dropped Gogl with 500m to pass till the summit nonetheless the bunch are actual 500m at the support of at this point.

2020-09-13T13: 59: 23.240ZSivakov has been dropped. He is actual now not been ready to gain his most productive accomplish since that atomize on stage 1 as Gesink stamps on the pedals and Rolland takes on a bidon. Herrada would perchance maybe reach support on the long descent nonetheless the peloton are closing with the gap down to 2’07.

2020-09-13T13: 57: 15.729ZRolland has moved to the entrance straight away and Gogl is hanging on which capacity that of he needs those KOM aspects. Herrada is at 20 seconds, and as ever, under no circumstances giving up.

2020-09-13T13: 56: 12.962ZAh Gesink is support. He is now not executed for the day as Chaves is nw dropped by the GC grouo.

2020-09-13T13: 55: 39.485Z47km to pass and Gesink has peeled off and which capacity Wout Van Aert is next up and with 2.2km to pass to the summit, Rolland has made contact with Gogl. 

2020-09-13T13: 54: 15.308ZOver in Tirreno, xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx has obtained. You would possibly maybe gain our story, and outcomes, appropriate right here.

2020-09-13T13: 53: 03.874Z48km to pass and Pinot has been dropped. Gaudu is with him nonetheless the younger Groupama rider gets the nod to lift on. Up forward and Rolland is closing and shutting mercurial. The peloton are at 2’23.

2020-09-13T13: 51: 11.531ZRolland is closing even supposing on Gogl, with the gap down to 30 seconds, so a take hold of will be made forward of we reach the summit. Gesink takes off his shades, wipes away the sweat and then gets support to work. He is been huge up to now. 

2020-09-13T13: 49: 45.338ZGogl is striking in essentially the most productive creep that we now earn considered from NTT in this yr’s bustle as we proceed to climb. 3.7k to pass till we reach the summit as Gesink gets out of the saddle but every other time. It appears to be like to be like indulge in he’s on the ropes even supposing. 

2020-09-13T13: 48: 12.078ZGogl is doing a tall creep on this climb whereas you take hold of into consideration he used to be dropped on the final ascent. He is aloof bought 55 seconds nonetheless Jumbo are coming.  And or now not it’s all over the place for Geschke with 49km to pass. He is off the support and Herrada is dropped as Rolland provides fade. 

2020-09-13T13: 46: 22.676ZHow much work can Gesink originate, which capacity that of he used to be moreover on the entrance over the final climb?   4.5km to pass on this climb.

2020-09-13T13: 45: 09.614Z50km to goSo with 50km we haveGogl
Rolland, Herrada and Geschke at 55 secondsRoglic and company at 3’10.

2020-09-13T13: 43: 57.570ZLanda most productive has two males with him, that is a puny a surprise this early nonetheless it with out a doubt’s the same numbers round Pogacar as we behold Martin struggling at the support . The Cofidis rider then tries to pass up, coming round Pinot.

2020-09-13T13: 42: 53.583ZWe earn six Jumbo riders on the entrance within the intervening time nonetheless the peril man is Pogacar, who requested his slim-downed team to place the tempo on the outdated climb. A decided designate that he’s feeling actual. Gesink is doing a expansive job within the intervening time  as we behold Pinot at the support. It obtained’t be his day.

2020-09-13T13: 41: 19.903ZIt’s all coming support collectively even supposing as Gesink rips into the chief’s support as essentially the most important discipline – or what’s left of it, birth the second climb.

2020-09-13T13: 39: 58.731ZFour Ineos riders are help within the yellow jersey neighborhood as Gogl moves his lead out to 51 seconds.

2020-09-13T13: 39: 14.172ZKwiatkowski is at the scientific car. Is that for him or a teammate? He hasn’t fallen as Gogl extends his consequence in 30 seconds. The peloton is at 3’19 with Gesink on the entrance doing the total work. Wout Van Aert is on his wheel.

2020-09-13T13: 35: 19.507ZGogl has cast a puny gap on the descent and so he begins the Col de la Biche with just a few seconds over Rolland, Geschke, and Herrada.

2020-09-13T13: 31: 11.269ZVan Aert is leading on the descent – his wonderful Tour de France continues – as  Jumbo Visma boss this stage. There’s aloof a protracted come to pass even supposing with a first cat climb and a HC ascent to reach support.

2020-09-13T13: 29: 54.736ZStill two wide climbs to reach support and with 58km to pass the gap is at 3’14. That is now not going to be sufficient. 

2020-09-13T13: 28: 29.223ZHerrada used to be first over the climb, by the come as we hurtle down the descent. 

2020-09-13T13: 27: 56.119ZThey crest the summit and there are actual three Ineos riders left. Bernal is the rider at the support of the neighborhood as Castroviejo comes support to mark it four. Right!

2020-09-13T13: 26: 43.488ZNow Wout Van Aert moves up and that Ineos rider at the support used to be Sivakov and he’s struggling too. The yellow jersey neighborhood is down to about 25 riders. 60km to pass.

2020-09-13T13: 25: 46.338ZThe world champion has been distanced nonetheless the huge news is that Ineos are in huge effort appropriate now and Kwiatkowski is basically the most productive rider left with Bernal. I feel Van Baarle would perchance maybe need reach support even supposing, as there would possibly be one other Ineos jersey reach the support as Polanc sets the tempo.

2020-09-13T13: 23: 28.031ZBernal is there nonetheless he most productive has one rider with him, Kwiatkowski. That is now not a tall ogle with some many climbs to reach support. And Amador, Carapaz, and Van Baarle are dropped. All three of them with 63km to pass. That is expansive.

2020-09-13T13: 22: 03.874ZPolanc – aloof out of contract – moves to the entrance for Pogacar and Ineos earn just a few riders at the support of this neighborhood. Up the avenue, Gogl makes it four leaders, actual forward of the summit.

2020-09-13T13: 20: 52.685ZThe Jumbo Visma tempo surroundings is now not that mercurial nonetheless it with out a doubt’s actual relentless and there are already a vary of casualties. Who would possibly be the first GC rider to truly strruggle?

2020-09-13T13: 19: 42.485ZGogl most likely obtained’t reach support on the climb nonetheless he would perchance maybe aloof mark it support on the descent as we behold Trentin is now caught by essentially the most important discipline. GVA has actual been dropped. Nieve moreover dropped. Wow. And Carthy. 

2020-09-13T13: 18: 29.454ZThe leading trio aloof earn 1km to pass till they reach the summit as Buchmann is dropped. 

2020-09-13T13: 17: 30.018ZHerrada has made it support to Geschke and Rolland and their lead is support up to four minutes as Dumoulin appears to be like to be like round to ogle who’s with the Roglic neighborhood.

2020-09-13T13: 16: 37.533ZFinally, after almost 100km on the entrance, Martin has been dropped and which capacity Gesink takes over as Jumbo steal the tempo with round 2.5km to pass on the climb.

2020-09-13T13: 15: 21.258ZYesterday’s stage winner and Impey are the next two to hasten support, with the inexperienced jersey neighborhood two minutes at the support of the yellow jersey.

2020-09-13T13: 13: 59.947ZVan Garderen has dropped support too, which is a puny a surprise because the leaders fall Herrada. There’s about 1km between the remnants of the atomize and the peloton.

2020-09-13T13: 12: 13.919ZOss and Schachman are dropped, Cataldo to boot to Gogl aloof sits just a few seconds at the support of the leaders – Rolland, Geschke, and Herrada.

2020-09-13T13: 11: 06.706ZIneos earn lost Rowe with 66km to pass as Bauer goes backwards to as we’re down to about 60 or 70 riders within the peloton. Tony Martin is aloof there and surroundings the tempo, so or now not it’s a true tempo.

2020-09-13T13: 09: 54.880ZHirschi is going backwards nonetheless no shame in that. First Massive Tour, obtained a stage and has been one in all the highlights of this yr’s bustle.

2020-09-13T13: 08: 55.114ZGogl is actual just a few seconds support and attempting to mark it a quartet nonetheless Geschke is now not going to support at this point with the gap down to the peloton at 3’45 as one other batch of riders had been dropped by essentially the most important discipline.

2020-09-13T13: 07: 30.654ZMercato has been dropped, as up forward we now earn got Geschke, Rolland and then Herrada, who actual makes it across in time. Geschke continues to push the tempo even supposing, aloof with 67km to pass.

2020-09-13T13: 06: 08.339ZAnd Geschke assaults straight away, he’s now not hanging round as Rolland goes after him. Herrada is attempting to mark it a trio. 

2020-09-13T13: 05: 18.478Z67km to go4.6km to pass on the climb and Trentin is aloof tapping out the tempo nonetheless the gap is down to 4’06 with 67km to pass.
Trentin then peels off, his job executed for the day.

2020-09-13T13: 02: 53.049ZTrentin’s tempo is actual sufficient to defend the atomize at 4’22 and your complete neighborhood in a single piece, whereas Ineos earn moved off the entrance of the peloton. It be all Jumbo, UAE and Bahrain-McLaren.

2020-09-13T13: 00: 15.281ZMontée de la Selle de Fromentel is blowing the bustle apart as Boasson Hagen, Stuyven and Viviani are moreover dropped. The tempo is now not ‘that mercurial’ with the atomize holding at 4’30 nonetheless they’re riding immediate sufficient at the entrance of the peloton. Sagan is within the Bennett neighborhood too as up forward Trentin sets the tempo for the atomize.

2020-09-13T12: 55: 51.776ZEwan is moreover on the support of the Bennett neighborhood. If he can hang with this neighborhood he’ll be interesting as we behold the avenue continues to climb and aloof 10km to pass on this ascent.

2020-09-13T12: 55: 01.171ZCoquard is on the radio, the first rider dropped on the climb. He has Reza looking out at for him even supposing nonetheless it with out a doubt’s a protracted come support from right here. The Critical car comes up and some phrases are exchanged. This would maybe be a protracted day for the Frenchman as we behold Bennett hasten support nonetheless with Alaphilippe for company. 

2020-09-13T12: 52: 25.135ZWe can anticipate this atomize to atomize up on this climb since the stronger riders must defend the stress on. We would perchance maybe  be down to actual 3-4 riders because the peloton bustle into the tip of the climb. 72km to pass.

2020-09-13T12: 50: 54.850ZThe atomize are on the decrease slopes of the first climb, as Trentin leads the come. Right here we fade, with the gap at 4;30. It appears to be like to be like indulge in, and makes sense, that Trentin works for Geschke.

2020-09-13T12: 46: 11.175ZSergio Higuita abandons Tour de France after crashing twice on stage 15Colombian has suspected broken finger or handhttps://t.co/oxzC8JI5ZH pic.twitter.com/qRxtxiWF6ZSeptember 13, 2020

2020-09-13T12: 44: 34.272ZThe atomize earn pushed their lead out to 4’31 so or now not it’s creeping up there nonetheless one more time they’d need round 6-7 minutes at the foot of the final climb to stand any likelihood, maybe rather more. 77km to pass and we are closing in on the first cat Montée de la Selle de Fromentel. It be a beast of a climb, 11.1km in size with a median gradient of 8.1 per cent.

2020-09-13T12: 33: 55.815Z87km to pass and Bahrain-McLaren take up their lunch this day. This is presumably Landa’s biggest day as  GC rider in his profession. He can now not come up with the money for to lose time this day, which capacity that of if he does his podium probabilities will be over and he came right here with wide ambitions after Bahrain constructed their complete team round him. 

2020-09-13T12: 30: 10.924ZChris Froome: 2020 Tour de France is Roglic’s to loseFour-time champion hopes teammate Bernal can reach actual in final weekhttps://t.co/WpxvMyJHIP pic.twitter.com/y5IMl0VSy8September 13, 2020

2020-09-13T12: 27: 35.250ZBut or now not it’s aloof Tony Martin on the entrance, who has most incessantly been requested to creep a 120km time trial this day as he leans over the bars and settles into this day’s responsibilities. On his appreciate he’s preserving the atomize at 4’23.

2020-09-13T12: 26: 31.952ZHerrada and Gogl both earn just a few KOM aspects so they’re going to be taking a look to fight over the utmost aspects over the first two climbs of the day as we behold the total GC teams line out within the bunch: Jumbo, Ineos, Bahrain, UAE, Arkea and then Movistar.

2020-09-13T12: 23: 04.309ZThe atomize are working properly nonetheless they’re now not ready to truly build on their support, so if they birth the final climb with 4’22, as they’ve now, they’re going to be caught forward of the cease. A lot will be decided by how the peloton creep the first climb. Straight away Pogacar is sat no Kristoff’s wheel, the winner on stage 1 in Nice, which feels indulge in an age ago.

2020-09-13T12: 20: 32.949Z96km to goStill rock climbing nonetheless one more time we’re a protracted come off the first major ascent of the stage. With 96km to pass the riders within the atomize, Kévin Ledanois (Arkéa-Samsic), Simon Geschke and Matteo Trentin (CCC Group), Jesús Herrada (Cofidis), Marco Marcato (UAE Group Emirates), Niccolo Bonifazio (Total Sing Energie), Michael Gogl (NTT Professional Biking) and Pierre Rolland (B&B Resorts-Critical Principle) earn 4’15 over essentially the most important peloton.

2020-09-13T12: 17: 11.939ZRoglic pointless to instruct obtained on the Colombier earlier within the yr at the Tour de l’Ain after a leisurely assault that Bernal would perchance maybe maybe now not apply. Pogacar wasn’t at the bustle, nonetheless many anticipate Ineos to up the tempo early this day as they ogle to position stress on their competitors. They tried that the final time and Roglic bought the better of them, so this is in a position to maybe be mesmerizing to ogle what happens on the final climb this day.

2020-09-13T12: 15: 01.192ZChris Froome, at this time racing Tirreno has talked to Eurosport and informed them that this Tour is Roglic’s to lose. “It be with out a doubt Roglič’s Tour to lose, I take into account that,” Froome informed Eurosport. “I’d indulge in to ogle Egan [Bernal] steal nonetheless at the same time, I feel Pogačar is now not some distance off either. He appears to be like to be the freshest out of all of them. He appears to be like to be at ease the total time. It be very perfect to peer him bustle.”Read the elephantine story right here.

2020-09-13T12: 09: 36.288ZSagan has long previous support to the team car and picked up his appreciate bottles. 

2020-09-13T12: 08: 38.267ZJumbo reach through one other feed zone and take up one other round of bottles because the atomize presses on and moves their lead out to just a few’31 with 106km to pass. We are rock climbing nonetheless no the assign reach the first major ascent of the day.

2020-09-13T12: 05: 13.169Z108km to pass and the gap is at 3’59. At this price the atomize originate now not earn any true likelihood of contesting the cease, they’d need round 6-7 minutes at the foot of the final climb to stand a likelihood nonetheless the gap is now not going out that rapid appropriate now. Jumbo are on the entrance and they also’re actual surroundings a true tempo nonetheless it with out a doubt’s  preserving the leaders in verify.

2020-09-13T11: 59: 25.474ZHugo Hofstetter used to be within the same atomize as Carapaz, and he’s actual coming support through the autos having had some scientific attention. 

2020-09-13T11: 57: 28.084Z1km to pass for the bunch and Sagan fires a rider up the avenue to grab seven aspects as he knows he now not mercurial sufficient to beat Bennett. The Bora rider is caught and Bennett and Morkov take hold of more aspects on Sagan. 

2020-09-13T11: 55: 02.964ZJust at the support of Jumbo, Ineos resolve round Bernal as actual just a few wheels support Sagan marks Bennett. The leaders earn three minutes as Trentin actual takes the aspects from Bonifazio. 

2020-09-13T11: 52: 06.129ZTony Martin gets on the radio as he sits on the entrance and sets the tempo nonetheless the gap is at 2’44 with 118km to pass.

2020-09-13T11: 51: 01.028ZCarapaz is actual assessing his left shoulder. He is clearly in anxiety nonetheless he  has made it support to the bunch, which is encouraging for Ineos and Bernal. Trentin would perchance maybe aloof gobble up the 20 aspects at the intermediate, mustn’t he? Can not behold somebody attempting to narrate him.

2020-09-13T11: 48: 17.264ZKluge used to be on the entrance nonetheless Tony Martin comes up to him, has a note, he’s smiling so it needs to be friendly, and the Lotto rider eases up. The gap to the atomize is now at 2’07 and we’re 5km from this intermediate bound.

2020-09-13T11: 46: 49.722ZCrash and Caparaz is down with a rider from ISN. The Ineos rider is support on his bike with 123km to pass and he’s forced to maneuver. That is an early blow to Bernal, who needs to pass on the assault this day or no decrease than now not lose time to Pogacar and Roglic.

2020-09-13T11: 45: 16.041ZThree outdated stage winners within the pass this day. Tricky to name who essentially the most productive climber is even supposing, Rolland whenever you happen to pass by outdated wins nonetheless Herrada and Gogl earn quality too.

2020-09-13T11: 42: 30.179ZLooks indulge in Mitchelton earn stopped their fade and the bunch sit up after round an hour of elephantine-on assaults. Jumbo Visma spread out over the entrance of the bunch and that is the reason that… the  atomize of the day has long previous as we head through a feedzone.

2020-09-13T11: 41: 00.844Z128km to pass128km to pass and the eight leaders earn 1: 00. The leaders are:
Kévin Ledanois (Arkéa-Samsic), Simon Geschke and Matteo Trentin (CCC Group),  Jesús Herrada (Cofidis), Marco Marcato (UAE Group Emirates), Niccolo’ Bonifazio (Total Sing Energie), Michael Gogl (NTT Professional Biking) and Pierre Rolland (B&B Resorts-Critical Principle).

2020-09-13T11: 39: 24.813ZTo say the least, @BobJungels is now not my favorite particular person appropriate now.September 13, 2020

2020-09-13T11: 36: 34.814ZAnd now we behold Bauer on the entrance for Mitchelton because the fade settles down nonetheless the gap is at 40 seconds. Movistar and Lotto Soudal moreover earn a particular person on the entrance and they also ogle intent on preserving the lead down to round a minute so that they would possibly be able to presumably bridge over on the first cat climb later on. The gap is at 44 seconds with 131km to pass.

2020-09-13T11: 34: 50.471ZHiguita… his bustle appears to be like to be like over. He is by the aspect of the avenue with Wegelius. The Colombian understandably is in tears. Some claps from the fans nonetheless he’s coming into into a scientific car. This form of shame. 

2020-09-13T11: 33: 14.977ZThere’s then one other pass from Jensen and even Alaphilippe has a puny dig because the gap drops to 32 seconds with 135km to pass.

2020-09-13T11: 32: 19.902ZWout van Aert shuts that one down even supposing as Jumbo are delighted with the atomize nonetheless Mitchelton fade one more time as they fight and toss Chaves up the avenue. The gap is holding appropriate now at 34 seconds. Even Chaves takes a flip. Jungels used to be caught by the come.

2020-09-13T11: 30: 39.888ZYeah the bunch don’t appear to be executed but as we behold Impey kick issues off one more time because the gap goes out to 35 seconds. 137km to pass because the atomize proceed to construct their lead nonetheless they’re having to work for every second. Mezgec accelerates now.

2020-09-13T11: 28: 07.842ZIt appears to be like to be like indulge in Mitchelton are chasing having uncared for out on the pass nonetheless the gap is most productive increasing. It be at 28 seconds as we behold Jungels is now not going wherever within the intervening time.

2020-09-13T11: 26: 54.373ZSo our leaders courtesy of Le Tour are:Kévin Ledanois (Arkéa-Samsic), Simon Geschke and Matteo Trentin (CCC Group),  Jesús Herrada (Cofidis), Marco Marcato (UAE Group Emirates), Niccolo’ Bonifazio (Total Sing Energie), Michael Gogl (NTT Professional Biking) and Pierre Rolland (B&B Resorts-Critical Principle). Jungels is chasing on his appreciate. 140km to pass and the gap is at 22 seconds.

2020-09-13T11: 25: 39.404ZThe leading seven earn 21 seconds, so the gap is going out. We’ll earn the names at this time as we behold Jungels attempting to bridge over. Maybe he’s insecure about Higuita would perchance maybe say when the Colombian comes support after his crashes. 

2020-09-13T11: 23: 45.755Z143km to pass and is that this the atomize? Trentin and Simon Geschke earn just a few riders with   them and the gap is 14 seconds. The bunch are lined out, so or now not it’s contact and fade.

2020-09-13T11: 22: 29.586ZLe Tour earn reported that Higuita crashed for a second time within the convoy. He is aloof riding even supposing. 

2020-09-13T11: 20: 44.268ZFive riders fade sure with Simon Geschke leading the payment. There’s a reaction from the peloton nonetheless these guys originate at final earn some daylight hours.

2020-09-13T11: 18: 21.901ZCCC fade one more time as we behold that Higuita is 1’22 support to the bunch. Within the intervening time one other pass has been shut down.

2020-09-13T11: 17: 03.837ZSagan, apparently, is doing this all on his appreciate. No teammates from Bora reach the entrance within the intervening time. To be appropriate, they’re most likely shattered from the day before this day’s efforts as Politt and Van Avermaet are trying their success. 148km to pass.

2020-09-13T11: 15: 49.535ZTrentin finds himself on the entrance and three riders are sure as we behold Sagan on the entrance of the peloton with Kevin Reza leading the fade. And Sagan goes one more time nonetheless Bennett is but every other time on his wheel.

2020-09-13T11: 14: 13.161ZJust 5 seconds for Rolland, who obtained one in all essentially the most productive ever phases within the Tour help in 2011. ISN are leading the fade even supposing and or now not it’s all support collectively as we behold Sagan fade one more time and Bennett is with him.

2020-09-13T11: 12: 18.465Z154km of racing and Rolland has a gap nonetheless several teams are going after him now as we behold Sagan looking out at Bennett indulge in a hawk.

2020-09-13T11: 11: 05.414ZHiguita aloof help within the autos, his left aspect slash to ribbons after that fall. That is this form of shame and this form of pointless fall. They’re all pointless nonetheless what I mean… Rolland has actual attacked. 

2020-09-13T11: 09: 29.981ZAnd now Sagan and Bennett gain themselves off the entrance as they be aware every other nonetheless they’re now help within the bunch, which is all alongside with 156km to pass. Now Hermans makes a pass as we behold Kristoff at the support of the bunch. Juul Jensen makes it over to Hermans nonetheless the bunch are about to lift this all support collectively one more time. 20km raced already. 

2020-09-13T11: 06: 14.513ZThe EF Professional Biking rider is support on his ft, and on his bike nonetheless the scientific car is next to him. He appears to be like to be like ok within the intervening time nonetheless a first-rate fright for him and his team early on stage 15 of the Tour de France.

2020-09-13T11: 05: 19.287ZHiguita wasn’t taking a look forward nonetheless Jungels’ pass used to be bigger than actual a typical swinging off. No intent, clearly, nonetheless Higuita didn’t behold that coming within the slightest. 

2020-09-13T11: 03: 50.591ZCrash. Higuita! That is a unpleasant one, he regarded support, Jungels went across his entrance wheel and the Colombian is on the deck. They had been both attempting to glean within the atomize.

2020-09-13T11: 02: 27.322ZA end and then  Juul Jensen accelerates but every other time. Who  will bridge over? 5 riders are attempting actual that appropriate now. 

2020-09-13T11: 01: 19.294ZJuul Jensen goes but every other time nonetheless Jungels chases him down with Chaves on his wheel. Six riders earn a gap nonetheless Pedersen is leading the fade. 

2020-09-13T10: 59: 26.485ZSo many quality riders are attempting to glean into the atomize of the day nonetheless up to now we now earn got now not even had any time gaps which capacity that of all the pieces is being chased down. Breeze and CCC are attempting to kick issues off one more time.

2020-09-13T10: 57: 33.519ZKluge is leading the fade as Alaphilppe keeps the stress on nonetheless at final the pass has been shut down. 166km to pass.

2020-09-13T10: 56: 19.320ZAlaphilippe has a slim lead as we behold Dan Martin and a bunch of riders are trying to maneuver. QuickStep are being aggressive nonetheless in doing so they’re essentially attempting to defend Bennett forward of the intermediate. We can behold Pedersen within the counter assault. He clearly needs to glean in pass so he can snarl us about it in tomorrow’s bustle weblog.

2020-09-13T10: 54: 22.422ZEF earn a rider within the pass nonetheless no Movistar nonetheless it with out a doubt’s all coming support alongside with 4km raced already. This has been a panoramic birth to stage 15 of the Tour de France as we behold Trentin fade one more time and then Alaphilippe assaults. That will crush Sagan as sees the Frenchman at as soon as glean a gap. 

2020-09-13T10: 52: 52.493ZIt’s now not. However there are round 8 riders with a really puny lead within the intervening time. Bennett has long previous off the entrance with Sagan. Attention-grabbing. Very intelligent. 

2020-09-13T10: 51: 53.795ZIt’s Trentin. He goes over the tip and Rolland, Cousin and two more riders earn long previous with him. I will behold a Lotto rider chasing even supposing. Is that De Gendt?

2020-09-13T10: 51: 02.552ZRolland has joined Cousin nonetheless Juul Jensen is attempting to glean into the motion as Politt then tries his success nonetheless up to now all the pieces is being chased down. CCC fade next. 

2020-09-13T10: 49: 46.582ZWe are out of town even supposing and on wider roads, which is a reduction and the flag is ready to fall. Sing Energie need this, they’ve bought several riders on the assault and now Kung goes. Cousin is the next rider to grab a look at. Had been’ racing stage 15 of the Tour de France, 174.5km to the summit of the Massive Colombier.

2020-09-13T10: 47: 22.295ZJust over 2.3km to pass within the neutralized zone. Instructed it used to be long… nonetheless  King Kung is aloof at the entrance and he takes a look intent on being within the atomize one more time. Will Pinot fade alongside with him?

2020-09-13T10: 39: 47.493ZWe saw a leisurely assault from Bernal the day before this day nonetheless Sean Yates, who aged to name the footage at Group Sky from the car has been crucial over his worn team’s ways. He is raised some severe questions over their efforts and who’s working issues. Right here is our story. (Image credit: Getty Photographs)

2020-09-13T10: 35: 49.897ZRojas reach the entrance for Movistar, as adverse to a atomize we now earn got now not truly considered much of him in this yr’s bustle nonetheless Movistar must originate bigger than actual steal the teams’ classification in this yr’s bustle. They’ve now not taken a steal since the first few weeks of the season and Mas is clinging onto a high-ten put appropriate now, and EF are help within the lead of the teams’ standings.

2020-09-13T10: 32: 46.048ZKung is up reach the entrance and riding next to Roglic. Will the FDJ rider fade one more time this day? The mountains don’t appear to be his thing nonetheless if just a few climbers need conceal in an early atomize forward of the climbs, then Kung would originate an very perfect job. FDJ needs to grab one thing from this bustle after Pinot’s GC huge collapsed and a stage steal or two would originate very properly. Procycling’s dep ed, Sophie Hurcom has lined out the total teams aloof needing to salvage their bustle, appropriate right here.
And…At the same time as you happen to indulge in what you be taught, why now not subscribe to Procycling journal? As share of our autumn sale, a subscription at this time begins at actual £5 for the first 5 points – that’s most productive £1 per narrate. Procycling journal, essentially the most productive writing, and pictures from all over the field’s toughest sport. 

2020-09-13T10: 28: 54.561ZAnd actual indulge in that, we’re off and heading in direction of the legit birth. Shapely blue skies this day in Lyon and now not an excessive amount of wind round either, so supreme bustle conditions. 

2020-09-13T10: 26: 07.042ZWe’re about to pass out from Lyon for stage 15 of the Tour de France. A size neutralized zone even supposing as we hunch some distance flung from all that harmful avenue furniture nonetheless then we would perchance maybe aloof behold some assaults. Fingers crossed we now earn got a apt bustle forward of the intermediate bound. 

2020-09-13T10: 24: 54.981ZAnd reach the cease of stage 14 there used to be a leisurely fright for Richie Porte who had a flat forward of the final climb. Fortunately, body double and all-round nice guy Kenny Elissonde used to be readily accessible and gave his chief his bike. Hear from Porte, actual right here, or be taught our evaluation about his final TDF as a spin-setter, appropriate right here.(Image credit: Getty Photographs Sport)

2020-09-13T10: 22: 22.848ZThe yellow jersey Roglic is reach the entrance forward of our roll out. Final evening he used to be high Roglic in his press conference, giving puny or no away forward of this day’s stage.“We’ll behold how the racing goes, with out a doubt we must earn all the pieces under adjust. I guess this is in a position to maybe be elephantine gasoline racing and quite so much of assaults, so we must earn as many numbers as that that you must imagine going into the finale.”Our elephantine Roglic story, is actual right here.

2020-09-13T10: 20: 07.669ZThe intermediate bound this day at Le Bouchage, which comes properly forward of the climbs, will be intelligent. Sagan needs to claw support more aspects on Sam Bennett nonetheless there would possibly be most productive so repeatedly he can arrangement on his team, and the terrain out of Lyon would perchance maybe now not encourage one other ambush. On the other hand, a atomize would perchance maybe aloof fade the total come this day. 

2020-09-13T10: 16: 23.755ZAnd a transient reminder to bookmark our Tour de France hub page, the assign you can gain all our TDF news, experiences, parts, interviews, and outcomes. We update it day after day so or now not it’s continuously jam-packed with convey. 

2020-09-13T10: 11: 27.753ZThe Jura mountains even supposing are spectacular and we would maybe aloof behold some wonderful surroundings this day from the CN blimp, as we birth to energy it up. The roll out is in about 20 minutes with the legit birth coming at round 12: 50 CET. This capacity that you have got got gotten bought sufficient time to mark a brew and glean pleasure from Alasdair Fotheringham’s Tour de France stage 15 preview.(Image credit: Getty Photographs)

2020-09-13T10: 07: 10.985ZBut support to this day’s stage and we now earn got those three climbs. We kick off with the Montée de la Selle de Fromentel, a first cat climb 11.1km in size. It be tricky and we’ll behold some splits there nonetheless it with out a doubt comes about 100km into the stage. Then we now earn got a mercurial descent, forward of going straight up the first cat, Col de la Biche. That is actual under 7km in size nonetheless there are some sections which will most likely be extremely steep. Then or now not it’s one other mercurial descent forward of the final 17.4km Massive Colombier, a HC climb.

2020-09-13T10: 03: 29.957ZThere are essentially just a few more smartly-known Ians that you suspect. Ian Thorpe, Ian Wright, Ian Brown, Ian Inch, Ian St. John, Ian McKellen, Ian Hislop. Ian Boswell! 
Saving essentially the most productive Ian for final. Maybe there would perchance maybe aloof be a Tour de Ian.

2020-09-13T09: 57: 07.775ZSo Roglic has a decent nonetheless now not extravagant lead over his main competitors nonetheless that would perchance maybe all replace this day on the final climb. Even supposing the riders climb the ‘top seemingly’ of the four  aspects to the summit, or now not it’s aloof a protracted brutish climb and the gaps will be expansive. Needless to instruct we had this climb within the Tour de l’Ain, or Tour de Ian as I for some motive continuously form out, and the gaps used to be puny nonetheless this day’s summit cease comes after two weeks of racing.

2020-09-13T09: 54: 32.395ZThe legit birth is ready an hour away, or actual under, nonetheless there would possibly be a protracted worn neutralized zone this day. There’s loads of news to grab up on forward of the birth even supposing and just a few quotes from riders as they designate on. First, lets take hold of ogle at the GC standings coming into this day’s decided to be chronicle stage.1 Primoz Roglic (Slo) Group Jumbo-Visma61: 03:002 Tadej Pogacar (Slo) UAE Group Emirates 00: 00: 443 Egan Arley Bernal Gomez (Col) Ineos Grenadiers 00: 00: 594 Rigoberto Uran (Col) EF Professional Biking 00: 01: 105 Nairo Quintana (Col) Group Arkea-Samsic 00: 01: 126 Miguel Angel Lopez Moreno (Col) Astana Professional Group 00: 01: 317 Adam Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott 00: 01: 428 Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Bahrain McLaren 00: 01: 559 Richie Porte (Aus) Breeze-Segafredo 00: 02: 0610 Enric Mas Nicolau (Spa) Movistar Group00: 02: 54

2020-09-13T09: 51: 02.288ZIt’s stage 15 of the Tour de France and we now earn got a true mountain feast on the menu with arguably the toughest mountain cease of the bustle coming up. It’ll aloof be the biggest face-off that we now earn considered from the GC contenders within the bustle up to now with three wide climbs and the summit cease on the Massive Colombier. We’ll earn live text protection all over the day, so aloof down, aloof down and glean pleasure from the stage.

2020-09-13T09: 37: 05.256ZHello, and welcome to my TED talk.

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