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The Chargers and Bengals locked hands for the length of the anthems at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati Sunday.
Then the recreation began and in advise that they never did discover untangled.
It turned into as soon as a microcosm of the full Game Ones you’ve viewed when two representatives of the NFL’s mediocre center event. Hundreds punts, a full bunch bogged-down third downs, odd coaching and officiating decisions, and in the extinguish a big-excellent topic purpose strive by Bengals kicker Randy Bullock, who grabbed his leg nearly straight. At the least the jilted Cincinnati followers didn’t want to sit down in online page online traffic.
The variation turned into as soon as that the Chargers let one more individual stub their toes, not that they were ideal or even prolific. But they made one or two fewer injurious plays than the Bengals did, and who cared that they most efficient scored one touchdown in opposition to final twelve months’s 29th-ranked protection?
The Chargers won, 16-13. Spoil out and dominance are each and every 1-0 in the standings.
“It’s neutral so laborious to buy a recreation on this league,” linebacker Melvin Ingram acknowledged.
Charger followers know that. Many of them must procure felt a burning shuffle to transfer outdoors and water the flowers when Joe Burrow, the first-total draft get dangle of, began herding Cincinnati down the topic and not utilizing a time outs.
From his dangle 18 to the Chargers’ three, Burrow turned into as soon as 9-for-11. Then A.J  Green pushed Casey Hayward and obtained whistled for offensive interference on what might well al