Recipes Soup Maker Cocktail: Alcohol Free Strawber

Recipes Soup Maker Cocktail: Alcohol Free Strawber

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A Margarita, a heady mix of sweet and sour from Mexico. Note, Morphy Richards Soup Makers are not built to crush ice cubes. We use ready made crushed ice, or I use a hammer to smash up ice in a plastic bag to pour smoothies over.


  • * 100ml lime juice
  • * 400ml orange juice
  • * 25g agave syrup
  • * 400g strawberry, de husked and chopped into quarter
  • * 400g pre crushed ice
  • * 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • * optional
  • * salt, to serve


  1. It couldn't be much simpler than this. Add all the ingredients to your soupmaker, except the crushed ice, and simply select the juice option.
  2. Serve with the ice in a tall glass, and optional salt around the rim of the glass. That would be going too far for me, but it's a favourite of many.

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