What is sologan of Amazon?

What is sologan of Amazon? Reveal the secret help Amazon delivered in one day

Slogans are an integral part of marketing. A good slogan have to transfer the messages of products and services, even after-sales service to customers. Meanwhile, Amazon is a good example of success in creating the slogan. Let’s find out “What is sologan of Amazon?” and how Amazon can delivery good to customers in 1 day.

What is sologan of Amazon?

Amazon was founded in July 1995 with the initial goal of building an online bookstore. So, Amazon chose the “World’s Biggest Bookstore” slogan. With the slogan “World’s Biggest Bookstore”, the name Amazon would immediately make customers think of a large scale online bookstore which sells all kind of books. Moreover, in the past, most websites are listed alphabetically, Amazon with rhyme A has helped the website always place in high orders.

Then, Bezos who is CEO of Amazon had the idea of creating an online store to provide customers with unlimited goods at low prices, diverse, convenient options and low fixed costs. Therefore, their products were quickly expanded into music, film, electronics and merchandise field.

With the expanding scale, the slogan ” World’s Biggest Bookstore” was no longer enough meaning to describe the mission of Amazon. Therefore, their image positioning began again with the slogan “and you’re done”. Amazon was using the slogan with an interesting point of view that only exudes profound implications when going with the company’s logo.

What is sologan of Amazon?
The slogan of Amazon

The current logo of Amazon shows that they provide customers everything from A to Z. The arrow mark below the word “amazon.com” shows the satisfied smile of the customer when using the service of Amazon. Accompanying that satisfied smile is the slogan “and you’re done”, which means that all your needs have been met when you come to Amazon.

It is easy to see that Amazon’s “confession” is quite sweet and impressive, expressing its business philosophy and image positioning objectives: Coming to Amazon, customers will be pleased to find everything.

The secret help Amazon delivered in just 1 day

Nowadays, buying items online provide a lot of advantages. However, a major inconvenience of an online store is instead of directly going to buy and pick up items at a traditional store, we have to wait a few days for the item to be delivered.

But everything completely changed 3 years ago. At the end of May 2015, Amazon’s – big online retailer launched Amazon Prime – allowing customers to order and receive goods on the same day. The question is, how did they do that? How can I handle orders that are too “terrible” and then transfer to buyers in major cities in the US (and some other countries)?

What is sologan of Amazon?
Amazon Prime

That is still in the mystery because Amazon is very discreet about its delivery secret, but we can speculate through following informations.

How Amazon Prime works

First, you should register for Amazon Prime membership package for 99 USD/ year. After that, if you order before 12 am, you will receive the goods at 9 pm. In case you ordering the good at noon or in the afternoon, you will receive the goods in the next morning.

Note that only products with Prime logo can be applied the service, and orders must be at least 35 USD (about 700 thousand VND) or more. In addition, Amazon Prime only applies to urban areas, on all days of the week except for national holidays.

It sounds a little bit confusing, but once you get used to it, you will find the rules very simple and convenient. But at the same time, it also shows that Amazon calculated very closely to operate the delivery policy of the day, that means there is nothing free or “too good” at all!

Huge fulfillment centers of Amazon

By the year 2017, Amazon has about 109 stores in major cities around the world. For example, the Arizona center in Arizona has 1,500 employees and is up to 112,000 square meters.

What is sologan of Amazon?
A fulfillment centers of Amazon

These fulfillment centers are Amazon’s “secret weapons” and are a labyrinth with no way to escape if you are not an Amazon’s employee because the goods are not classified: sports water bottles are placed next to books, Children toys placed next to electronics racks,…


Amazon has a “picker team” which are the people who pick up the goods, pack the goods and transfer them to the delivery.

Miss Stephenie Landry – Amazon Prime’s global director, said: “In the eyes of Amazon, it seems to be staggering. But for” picker “, they know where the goods are, they move quickly and decisively after only 1 bell sound”.

You can see “picker” like a veteran taxi driver and can remember all of the “Amazon maps”. And like taxi drivers, they are supported by technology. “We have a high-tech algorithm that helps pickers speed up order processing even further,” she said.

The coordination of people and technology has helped Amazon pack as quickly as possible, for whatever reason, they have to leave at least 60 minutes for the delivery to transfer the goods.

How develope is Amazon’s delivery service in the future? Viknews.com will share with you in the future articles.

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