What is syskey?

What is syskey? How to use syskey to protect your computer.

There are a lot of ways to protect Windows systems with passwords,  in which the most common way is to use third-party software. However, just a few people know that in Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 operating system, Microsoft has integrated a powerful security utility (128-bit), which is Syskey. Today, Viknews.com will answer for you what is syskey and how to use this software.

What is syskey?

Syskey is a solid “shell” for the entire database (user account information) contained in the SAM (Security Accounts Manager) file. This is considered a “steel wall” and so far no tools can easily “hack”.

What is syskey?
Syskey is a solid “shell” for the database.

How to install Syskey

5 step to install Syskey

Step 1: You have to log in to the system as an administrator, then access the Run dialog from the Start menu.

Step 2: Type “syskey” (with or without quotation marks) and press Enter. You can also directly activate the “syskey.exe” file at the link \WINDOWS\system32

Step 3: In the open window, click the Update button for the Encryption Enabled item to bring up the next dialog box. Startup key with 2 options as Password startup (Windows will ask you to enter the password every time you boot the system) and System generated password (the system will automatically create a password and save it directly to the – Store startup key on Floppy disk or the system will save the protected password as part of the operating system and “stay idle command “at the specified location – Store startup key locally).

Step 4: Obviously, the second option is not good at security. So you should choose the first option (Password startup), then enter the password protected (maximum length of 128 characters) in 2 Password and Confirm boxes.

What is syskey?
You should remember the password carefully

Step 5: Next, click OK 2 times and restart the computer to establish the effect. Now (before entering the Log on screen), you will be asked to enter a password.


– If you enter the wrong password 3 times, the system will restart automatically.

– You should remember the password carefully because if you forget, the only solution for you is to reinstall Windows or restore the system with Norton Ghost if you have previously created a copy (backup).

– In case you want to change the old password with a new password, you will do the same steps. But there is a small note that after entering the new password into two Password and Confirm boxes, Windows will pop out a dialog box that requires you to enter the old password and you have to remember it. If the password change is successful, there will be a message saying “The account database startup key was changed”.

– In case you do not want Windows to display a dialog box asking for a password, please access the Startup key window, select Store startup key locally and enter the current password to confirm.

– Options to log into the system using Safe mode, Safe mode networking or Safe mode prompt will be disabled (lost effect).

– To increase security, you should set up the system-level BIOS password (system).

How to break syskey password

When you forget your syskey password, because it is a strong password, it must be very careful to break it if you do not want to reinstall the operating system. Breaking the syskey password is rarely mentioned on the Internet. Therefore, Viksnew.com will guide the method to completely unlock the Syskey Password, so that everyone interested can follow.

What is syskey?
You must be very careful to break syskey password


– You need to prepare a Hiren’s BootCD version 9.6 or higher version.


– Insert Hiren’s BootCD into the drive, go to Safe Mode and set the boot order to boot from the CD / DVD drive.

– When the interface of Hiren’s BooCD appears, select “Dos Program” -> Enter.

– Press key 3 to select 3. Password & Registry Tool then enter.

– Press number 1 to select: 1. Offline NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Password Changer then enter.

– Wait a moment for the program to load. The interface shown below is displayed, press A and Enter to display all the found partitions.

– Continue to press number 1 and Enter to select the partition containing the operating system. Maybe your device is work with another number, but usually 1.

– In the interface, press 1 to select key: 1 – Password Reset (Sam system security) -> Enter.

– At the line “What to do?” You press 2 – Syskey status & change then Enter.

– The screen appears a dialog box “Do you really wish to disable SYSKEY”, press Y and Enter.

– Press Q to exit the program.

– Continue to press Y.

– You can try again if it somehow failed … .., press N and Enter

– Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the computer, ending the process of breaking SYSKEY. The computer will enter the login screen and will stop there. The problem now is that all users are required to enter User name and Password even though you have not previously set a Pass. So the next step is to break the pass for Administrator and then log in with the Administrator and Set the password for the remaining users.

What is syskey?
Using syskey is good for you computer

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