What is a billing address?

What is a billing address? How to buy goods on Amazon quickly without using the billing address?

In recent years, when the era of information technology and internet boomed, traditional forms of shopping have gradually been replaced by new forms of sales, especially domestic and international e-commerce. With this form, you can not only buy goods in the country, but you can also order from abroad. So, we need to find out what is a billing address. Viknews.com also share with you how to buy goods on Amazon quickly with a billing address. Let read the following article to know more interesting information.

What is a billing address?

What is a billing address?
What is a billing address?

If you do not want to ask an acquaintance to buy a household or not through any intermediary unit when buying goods from e-commerce sites from abroad, you must register your account on these pages yourself and make sure conditions such as: good at understanding English, receiving address, and an important international thing is having a payment card. This is required to be Credit Card, Debit or Prepaid Card branded Master Card, Visa, American Express or JCB issued by banks.

After filling in all information such as Full name, First Name, address, contact information, there will be a Billing Address section for you to fill out. Understand exactly, this is the address you enter when you register your debit / prepaid or credit card, if you borrow from someone else, you must ask them exactly to avoid confusion and cannot pay when purchase.

Normally, filling in the Billing Address will be at the last step when making payment, do not get the address of your residence filled in because maybe your order will be canceled. If you buy goods on Amazon, Amazon will use that information to authenticate the payment with the bank so remember it correctly. If the Billing address of the order is different from the address registered with the bank, Amazon will send additional information and you must provide it for authentication.

What is a billing address?
Billing Address part will be at the last step when making .payment.

How to buy products on Amazon fast and easily without billing address?

If you use billing address when buying on Amazon you will encounter many other problems with many different procedures and will face many other risks such as damaged, lost, lost goods … To avoid worries. Above, Fado.vn is the first choice for you. Fado.vn is currently an e-commerce intermediary that buys Amazon Japan, America, and Germany today.

Facing the demand for international purchases, there are still many barriers of consumers, Fado.vn – a prestigious cross-border e-commerce platform with a mission to assist consumers to buy products directly on Amazon and e-commerce sites. Fado is a purchase method to ensure safety, has high prestige and fast.

Fado’s strengths

+ Thanks to the direct connection with Amazon, the goods displayed on Fado.vn always ensure the diversity and bulk, consistent with Amazon. With more than 3 billion products from countless industries from beauty, health, electronics, household goods, fashion, books … this diversity will help customers get more diverse choices.

+ Fado.vn buys products directly from foreign sellers, thus helping customers to save costs and feel secure about the origin and quality of goods.

+ Fado guarantees a fixed and reliable expense for customers with the price listed from the printhead on the product without worrying about any other arising.

+ Fado is committed to the accuracy of data information such as providing product information such as price, origin because all are updated in real time based on price changes from Amazon. It is the continuous updating of information that will help consumers catch all the continuous promotions from abroad

+ Fado will fully resolve and commit to authenticity and prestige of the paperwork on behalf of Fado, and at the same time provide a full invoice and confirmation of purchase in a transparent manner to ensure the face of the girl goods in accordance with the customer’s original purchase commitment.

What is a billing address?
If the Billing address of the order is different from the address registered with the bank, Amazon will send additional information and you must provide it for authentication.

+ Fado has enthusiastic customer service and professional work for the benefit of consumers. The customer care specialist will find out information about the reputation of the seller and the quality of the product to inform the customer.

How to buy goods on Amazon with Fado

Step 1: Log in to Fado.vn account with G + or Facebook account or you can Register a new account at “Register”.

Step 2: On the search bar, customers choose the Amazon region of Japan, type keywords about the brand of products you want to buy. If you feel satisfied, you can proceed to drop the product into the cart. If you buy items with more information about size, style, color, quantity, the buyer should complete it as it will be the basis for Fado to buy the product correctly.

Step 3: Once you have placed the item in the basket and decided to pay, the customer continues to fill in the information on the quantity of the goods, the delivery address as well as the promotion code (if any), then press the “Processing order “. Payment will then be made – customers will prepay in percentages such as 50%, 80% or 100%. Finally, the customer will end the purchase process by clicking on “Complete order”.

What is a billing address?
Can we buy goods on Amazon without the billing address?

Step 4: Once the order is completed, the customer proceeds to track his order by reviewing the information about the order details. Customers need to check mail to confirm the purchase. In addition, to actively monitor the status of your order, customers can log into the account on Fado, then select the “Track orders”.

If you use the billing address to buy goods online remember to change it when you move to the new location. The changing processes can be done with the bank that issued your card. If you find this article is helpful, please share it with your friends. Let stay tuned and follow Viksnew.com to read more interesting information in the future!

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What is AdBlue?

What is AdBlue? Why do we need AdBlue?

AdBlue technology is becoming popular in the field of new diesel-powered cars that reduce emissions. If your diesel car has been produced in the last few years, you may have seen a small secondary lid next to the oil tank lid (diesel). If the lid is marked with ‘AdBlue’ then your car is equipped with smart exhaust treatment technology. But in many Asian countries, you will hard to find a vehicle that is using Adblue because Asian still follow Euro 2 standards so Adblue is still an unfamiliar name for us. So what is AdBlue? Let know more interesting information about it in share category of Viknews.com.

What is AdBlue?

What is AdBlue?
In many Asian countries, you will hard to find a vehicle that is using Adblue

AdBlue is a copyrighted trademark registered by the VDA (The German Association of the Automotive Industry) for AUS 32 (Aqueous Urea Solution) compound – Urea solution 32.5%. This compound is used for selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) to reduce Nitrogen Oxide emission from diesel engines.

AdBlue is a high purity Urea solution and is completely removed from heavy metal components. AdBlue is non-toxic and very safe to handle. It neither explode nor burn and does not harm the environment. AdBlue is classified as the lowest risk category for transportable liquids. AdBlue is neither fuel nor fuel additive and needs to be contained in a dedicated tank. The using way of AdBlue is similar to refueling diesel/gasoline. If the liquid in contact with your hands, you just need to wash it with water.

Why do we need AdBlue?

Environmental standards are increasingly stricter for automobile manufacturers due to environmental issues. Euro 6 emissions standards begin to take effect in 2016 and will make a huge impact on diesel engines. In order to comply with the new regulations, car manufacturers had to focus on reducing harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.

‘Selective catalytic reduction’ technology (SCR) is an effective method to bring diesel engines up to Euro 6 standards. It is used by many famous automobile manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes. Mercedes with BlueTEC technology or Citroen BlueHDi all use SCR technology in conjunction with AdBlue.

What is AdBlue?
AdBlue is a copyrighted trademark registered by the VDA.

How does AdBlue work?

AdBlue is a non-toxic, colorless liquid with 2 main ingredients: distilled water and urea. To meet the Euro 6 standard, diesel-powered cars recently use SCR technology to inject this compound into the vehicle’s exhaust system. Urea solution combines with emissions to produce nitrogen gas and oxygen to be harmless to the environment by decomposing single nitrogen oxides (the main pollutant component of Diesel engines). This technology has been used in buses and heavy trucks for a long time, so its effectiveness and reliability has been proven.

Does your car use AdBlue?

SCR technology with AdBlue is becoming popular. If your car has recently been imported with US or European standards, it is possible that your car has applied AdBlue technology. Many people do not know this until the warning lights appear on the AdBlue additional notification panel. Because the SCR system has no effect on the operation of the vehicle, and there is no clock warning the remaining amount of AdBlue.

If you don’t know if your car uses AdBlue, then you can find out in the vehicle’s manual. You can check it to know the place of AdBlue cap. If it is not mentioned, your car may not equip SCR technology. If so, please check the exact location of the Adblue cap. Normally, the Adblue loader is next to the fuel feeder, but there are some cars that move this part to under the floor coverings.

What is AdBlue?
Normally, the Adblue loader is next to the fuel nap.

How to load AdBlue into the car tank?

If you need to move a long distance and are not sure about the amount of AdBlue remaining, you should check usually to avoid depleted AdBlue, which will affect the engine and SCR system as well as the vehicle exhaust system.

Adblue loading method is quite simple. The best way is to consult the manual of your vehicle, but usually, you just need to open the AdBlue side cap, then pour AdBlue into the container. In the case of large containers, it requires a connecting nozzle. You can buy a nozzle from any car’s equipment dealer if your container is too big. This will save you time for the Adblue pouring process and avoid spillage.

What is AdBlue?
AdBlue is a non-toxic, colorless liquid

Some vehicles require the use of wheel braces to wring the AdBlue bottle cap, and most require you to pour a relative amount (usually about three to five liters) when reloading, to stop the warning from AdBlue’s notification. Although not toxic, AdBlue is corrosive and can irritate skin, eyes, and lungs, thus you have to wash your hands after filling AdBlue.

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What is adobe AIR?

What is Adobe AIR? 4 outstanding features of Adore AIR that you need to know.

What is Adobe AIR? This is a question that is many people are interested in when hearing about this term but do not understand what it means. So let join Viknews.com to find out what Adobe AIR is, Adobe AIR features, the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe AIR software in the following article.

What is Adobe AIR?

Adobe AIR is an offline running software developed by Adobe Systems to build rich Internet applications. To download Adobe AIR software to your computer, users can run applications on your computer or on mobile devices, programs that use Adobe Flash, Flex Apache, HTML, Javascript and XML.

What is adobe AIR?
Adobe AIR has been installed on nearly 300 million computers

Adobe AIR features

The outstanding features of Adore Air

Online application development: Adore Air allows the development of original applications for many platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet with a unique set of code.

Web application programming: Adore Air allows web programmers to create new web applications with diverse programming languages such as HTML, XML, Javascript, Flex.

An advantage of AIR is that the applications written to work with AIR use the same technology as when building normal Web applications, including Adobe Flex, Flash, HTML and JavaScript, so Very convenient for developers as well as programmers. “We want to have a number of hybrid applications that means when developers write programs on AIR and they will also have a web version,” said Michael Tunner, Adobe’s vice president of business.

What is adobe AIR?
Adore Air allows the development of original applications for many platforms

Using Adore air to create and access the web will give users a more pleasant feeling because these applications take up very little memory traffic so the process of booting faster, smooth animation effects, chapters smooth process, ensuring the design schedule.

Adobe AIR supports on the desktop platform

+ Window management – Open multiple windows, minimize, enlarge and resize AIR windows.

+ Menu bar – Add an original menu bar to AIR windows, with submenus and custom menu items.

+ File management – Explore drives, files and folders on your PC, create and delete files, rename, copy and move files.

+ Control panel application – Execute root applications with command line arguments and receive feedback via I / O streams and standard errors.

+ Multithreading – Manage multiple threads, to execute ActionScript 3 code in the background without freezing the user interface.

+ Web browser – View HTML web pages that fully support CSS and JavaScript in applications, with integrated WebKit-based web browser.

+ Clipboard access – Program to copy or paste text, bitmap or file into the system clipboard.

+ Drag and drop – Allows users to drag text, bitmap or file into AIR application.

What is adobe AIR?
Percentage of users using Adobe AIR around the world

Mobile features

+ 3D hardware acceleration graphics rendering (using Stage3D).

+ Events on the touch screen (including multi-touch gestures).

+ Access to device’s camera and microphone (including video encoding for recorded video).

+ Accelerometer and geographical location of sensor inputs (GPS or other).

+ AIR Gamepad – allows mobile applications to become secondary screens and controllers for games.

Download Adore Air software for free

For users, Adobe AIR offers access to new and exciting Rich Internet Application (RIA) models, running straight from the desktop. RIA takes very little memory, boots quickly and executes and has extremely smooth animation. You can download the Adobe AIR sprout for free at: https://get.adobe.com/fr/air/

3D graphics

In 2011, the Stage3D addition allowed AIR applications to access the GPU for hardware acceleration. Several third-party frameworks have been developed to build upon the functionality of Stage3D, including Starling Framework and Away3D. These frameworks are also compatible with AIR and provide important performance enhancements to AIR-published applications for mobile devices.

What is adobe AIR?
Adore Air allows the development of original applications for many platforms

Disadvantages of Adobe AIR software

Like some other technology software, besides the above advantages, Adore Air software also has limitations that the quality of applications running on this technology platform can be very different. However, this restriction is not a factor of concern and concern, preventing users from accessing.

Up to now, Adore Air is considered as one of the most popular and used free technology software. It has been installed on nearly 300 million computers. Some Adore Air versions have the most users currently: Adore Air, Adore Air, Adore Air, Adore Air, Adore Air, etc. You should choose the suitable Adore AIR versions depending on the operating system of the computer line, the phone you are using selects the appropriate version.

Above are some basic information that answers the question what Adore air is. We thank the readers for their interest and follow up the article. Please continue to follow Viknews.com’s share category to update more useful information.

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What is Swift Code?

What is Swift Code? What is the Swift Code code used for?

When making international transactions, you will receive a request to enter the Swift Code from the bank. So what is Swift Code? What is this code used for? To better understand this issue, please follow the article below of Viknews.com

What is Swift Code?

Swift Code is an abbreviation for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial which means an identification code intended to identify a bank or financial institution in the world. Each bank or financial institution will have a separate Swift Code to distinguish it from the remaining financial institutions and banks.

What is Swift Code?
What is Swift Code?

In addition, Swift Code is also known as BIC, which is the abbreviation for Business Identifier Codes. Therefore the Swift Code or BIC code has the same meaning. Swift Code usually has 8 or 11 characters, each character has its own meaning: Bank name, country name, branch code.

Advantages of Swift code

With the inheritance of the advantages of modern technology combined with strong financial potential, banks in the world are gradually developing and expanding markets, meeting increasingly high demands of customers.

Therefore, Swift code has been constantly improved and upgraded to serve the needs of international users. The advantages of Swift code include:

– The speed of information transfer is fast, allowing users to handle a large number of transactions.

– The transaction time is shortened, saving the maximum cost of use.

Swift code always has to follow uniform standards all over the world. When using Swift code in banks, you can join the world banking community. Knowing information about Swift code will help your transaction be conducted quickly and more conveniently.

What is Swift Code?
Each bank or financial institution will have a separate Swift Code

International convention on Swift Code code

In order to unify the form of Swift Code around the world, we have an international convention on the character arrangement of Swift Code. If any bank in the world does not comply with this law, their Swift Code will not be accepted.

International convention on Swift Code code is AAAA BB CC DDD. Which is:

– AAAA: The abbreviation in English of the bank name. This is a character that distinguishes banks and financial institutions around the world. With the first 4-character position AAAA requires the user to enter a character in the form of letters, from A to Z, without the use of numeric characters.

– BB: The abbreviated character in English of the country where the bank is located. Two BB characters are used according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. For banks in Vietnam, these two characters are always in Vietnamese form. Therefore, when looking at the Swift Code code, if it is found in the 5,6 positions, there is the word “VN” then it proves that this bank is in Vietnam.

What is Swift Code?
International convention on Swift Code code

– CC: Local identification code. These two characters allow users to enter both numbers and letters. CC codes are usually specified in VX format.

– DDD: A code that identifies a bank or bank branch participating in a transaction. This character allows users to enter numbers and letters.

Thus, Swift Code bank in Vietnam is in the form of AAAAVNXDDD. For example, BIDV branch of Cau Giay branch in Hanoi will have Swift Code code is BIDVVNVX215.

What is Swift Code used for?

Swift Code is a code snippet that requires you to enter when performing international transactions, payments, transfers and payments. As the information above, Swift Code will share with you informations about what the bank name is, which country the bank belongs to, where its branches are located and the specific address of each branch.

This will bring convenience to the transaction process of customers, help you perform transactions, make payments, transfer and receive money correctly, avoiding errors in the process of implementation. Besides, Swift Code will help the transaction time happen faster, minimize transaction costs for customers.

In Vietnam, the code Swift Code usually uses 8 characters. The 11-character type will have additional branch codes, while a bank usually has a lot of branches, making it difficult for users. So compared to the 11-character type, 8-character Swift Code code has many advantages, making it more convenient for users to perform.

What is Swift Code?
Some Swift Code of banks.

According to the experience of customers in Vietnam, when transferring or receiving money from abroad to Vietnam, you should use Vietcombank or ACB because these two banks are quite convenient and the transfer buying rate is quite high if you want to convert into VND. In case you withdraw USD, after 10 days money will be returned to the bank for free. So, if you want to make a transaction in international scope, you need to know what Swift Code code is to avoid confusion with other banks or organizations in the world.

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What is data roaming?

What is data roaming? Things you should know about data roaming.

Every time you go abroad, besides the fact that you enjoy the trip, it’s hard to keep in touch with people at home. Understanding this difficult, mobile operators have linked together to invented international data roaming service. Do you know what is data roaming? If not, the following article of Viksnew.com will share with more information about this mobile service.

What is data roaming?

International data roaming is a service that allows mobile phone subscribers to use in signed territories. Customers will not need to worry about losing contact with relatives, friends, partners. For how it works, users will automatically connect to the mobile information network of your country. International roaming helps mobile users keep their phone numbers when traveling abroad.

What is data roaming?
Data roaming on iPhone

Benefits of using international data roaming

Registering for international data roaming it will be very helpful when you travel abroad. You will get all of the following advantages:

  • Support all mobile services: listening to calls, texting and using 3G / 4G data.
  • Keep in touch with relatives, friends and partners with the same phone number.
  • Using low-cost packages, utility services from domestic carriers.
  • A simple and easy way to register whether you are anywhere.

When do you should register for international data roaming?

When you want to use Vietnam phone number to contact people when traveling abroad. This helps partners, companies or families, friends can call you when needed or you can call internationally when you need it. So often this service is for those who go on business, business or management level, director. If you travel normally, it is not necessary to register for this service.

International roaming is quite expensive. Although the network has discounted up to 99%. So you should only use it to call Vietnam when you need it. You should not text or use 3G / 4G because the cost will be very high. You can take advantage of free wifi or buy more travel sim, portable wifi transmitter for free communication via the Internet.

data roaming is a service that allows mobile phone subscribers to use in signed territories
An advertising about data roaming in China.

Things to know about international roaming

  • The above international registration and cancellation method is free.
  • Postpaid subscribers will be limited to the amount of service usage. If you want to renew, you must deposit a sum of money at the network store.
  • When registering for roaming, you will be charged for listening to international calls. So if you find strange or unnecessary numbers, do not listen to the phone.
  • International roaming charges are calculated according to actual usage. There are no discounts for many uses. You will pay the freight directly to the Vietnam carrier.
  • With prepaid subscribers, you can add money to use the service. Promotions to your account will be reactivated after you return to Vietnam.
  • If roaming is enabled at the border, your phone will be able to receive foreign networks and international roaming charges will be charged.

What to do to avoid data roaming charges when using your phone overseas?

Turn off mobile data roaming transmission

You need to know how to use your phone. For example, for devices using iOS operating system (iPhone devices), you can turn off mobile data transfer (roaming) as follows (if the phone uses English, other languages apply the same):

  1. Click “Settings” (installation)
  2. Select “Mobile Networks” (mobile network)
  3. Move the “Data Roaming” cursor to the “Off” position.
What is data roaming?
Data roaming on iPhone

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi networks

The next step is to try to take advantage of Wi-Fi locations of airports, hotels, some shops, cafes like Starbucks, McDonald’s… and use some free apps (like Viber, iMessage). , WeChat, Facebook Messenger …) to contact friends and relatives. It should be noted that sometimes they only give away for free for a certain period of time, then they will charge or in many places, the scope of the WiFi network is only near the bar, lounge …

Note that if you do not turn off the mobile data as in the previous section when you leave that place, it can still automatically connect to the local phone network without your knowledge.

Avoid using “heavy” applications for data transmission

The following programs “consume” a lot of data: positioning, maps, Facebook … If not really needed, should avoid using. If you must use it, such as when you are in a new locality, you should download the map before you are at home or in a Wi-Fi network, then use it when not connected (off-line) . For example, you can drag Google Maps, Maps, or some other programs … to use offline. Microsoft’s Here Maps program also allows you to drag maps first if you have an account on Microsoft.

data roaming is a service that allows mobile phone subscribers to use in signed territories
An advertising about data roaming in America

Buy a local SIM where you go

If you have to use mobile data, buying a local SIM card where you go is a good solution, of course, you must have a phone that is not locked. If you do business and need to keep the number you are using to contact, you can choose to buy a dual SIM device, such as some cheap Oppo machines or Huawei made by China. When we can set the mobile data usage mode using local SIM, we also use our primary SIM to listen to phones and messages to reduce costs. Note that you should set a password, use the SIM lock to avoid the device being used when it gets into the hands of others.

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What is TTY mode?

What is TTY mode? Only 1% of Iphone users know about it.

If we have a hundred smartphone users then more than half of people use the iPhone. But not everyone knows what is TTY mode and how to turn on TTY mode. This is a humane software to help deaf people use the iPhone. Today, Viknews.com is pleased to share with you useful knowledge about TTY mode.

What is TTY mode?

The iPhone made by Apple already has numerous of applications and features that can be built into the device or downloaded from Apple’s app store. Of the hundreds of applications that are built into the iPhone, for example: clock, calendar, safari, note, record, maps, … TTY mode is unfamiliar software for many users.

What is TTY mode?
What is TTY mode?

Function of TTY mode on iPhone

The TTY function (short for teletype-TTY-display) is a function help the people with hearing impaired can use the iPhone. For hearing loss people, using an iPhone to make or receive a call is an impossible thing. Therefore, Apple has created its own application to prioritize those who are unlucky than other people in the world. This TTY mode helps deaf people to communicate directly with each other by talking directly instead of talking on the phone. Through the phone network ( there is no need for the internet), you can chat directly with each other. This is considered a new application and of course not everyone needs to use this feature.

When using this mode, you need to have additional tools to use the function including the adapter from the apple, and if you want to talk directly, both devices need to be equipped with this tool.

It uses one end connected to your iPhone, one attached to the device so you can type the message using Apple’s external purchase tool. To disable this function, go to the following link: setting> phone> which has the TTY function, you make the mode ON. On the TTY mode, there is a switch to the ON button and you need to plug in the device to run this application. To turn this mode off, you also have to go to this link and select OFF mode.

What is TTY mode?
The iPhone made by Apple already has numerous of applications

While you use the TTY feature, you may get an error make you cannot turn off this mode. If you see the status of the settings> phone> without seeing the TTY function, you will need to reinstall the entire device by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Setting. After performing the entire reinstallation of your iPhone, it will fix the error of not showing TTY mode.

As I said, TTY function is not everyone needs to use. And designing an Apple TTY function not only gives consumers a new application, but it is also humane. Apple wants to maximize the needs of everyone regardless of ordinary people and people with disability.

How to turn on TTY mode

Text telephone mode (TTY) is used to send text over the phone. You must connect your TTY device to your computer to interpret the changed audio, otherwise you may find the sound quality poor. Using TTY mode in a conference call can also cause sound quality problems.

What is TTY mode?
TTY mode is unfamiliar software for many users.
  • TTY mode is turned off by default. To turn on TTY mode:
  • Connect a TTY device to your computer.
  • In the Lync Windows Store app, swipe from the right edge of the screen and tap Settings.

(If you are using a mouse, point to the upper right corner of the screen, move the cursor down, and then click Settings.)

  • In the Phone access capability, under TTY, drag the slider to the right to turn on TTY mode.
  • Log out of Lync and then log in again.


It can be said, this is a feature that is only used for people with hearing impairment, or the ability to express difficult language. Therefore, not everyone wants to turn on this feature because it depends on your usage needs. However, with this feature, Apple not only gives users a new feature but also expands their audience. Contribute to the development of society and bring high humanitarian value. Since this feature will be set up on the phone network detector, it is also one of the factors that make your Battery drain, so if you do not need to use the function this feature, should turn it off, to be able to use the time for your iPhone.

What is TTY mode?
The TTY mode is a function help the people with hearing impaired can use the iPhone

With the above sharing, Viknews.com hope you will have no questions about what TTY is on the iPhone and can share this useful information with your friends, or those who are disabled, possible poor language performance, to be able to use this feature on an iPhone phone effectively.

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What is dab ratio?

What is dab ratio? Advantages of dab technology

“Dab ratio” is definitely an unfamiliar definition for many people. So today, Viknews.com will share with you the basics of DAB – Digital Audio Broadcasting, a form of radio technology that is being used in many countries around the world. Let’s read the following article to answer the question what is dab ratio and find out what is advantages of dab technology.

What is dab ratio?

Dab ratio’s definition

DAB Digital Radio, also known as digital audio broadcast, is a completely new system for broadcasting and receiving stations.

What is dab ratio?
What is dab ratio?

As its name, signals broadcast in a digital format allow CD quality to be achieved. Those who have listened to the digital radio DAB have commented on the significantly better sound quality and “presence” of the new radio system. Also, it does not suffer from the multiple effects often experienced on FM transmissions and the system uses what it is called a single frequency network (SFN) without having the necessary retuning when moving from a next coverage area.

In addition, many new services can be implemented on digital radio stations that allow new systems to fit into the 21st century. Digital radio signals carry data along with sound, and this allows text and images to be transmitted with sound to enhance the listening experience. In this way, it can convey the title of a song, and a photo of the artist while some music signal is being transmitted. It can also move news on the bottom of the screen used on radio stations. DAB digital radios are now established in many countries around the world from the United Kingdom and Europe to Canada, Australia and many other countries.

The digital dab ratio construction

In order to produce a digital system that satisfactorily operates according to the conditions required for digital radio, a large number of jobs have been performed during the development phase. A number of current digital techniques have been studied but it has realized significant limitations for this application.

What is dab ratio?
DAB technology makes digital radio become a reality

One of the main problems is that many recipients will use non-directional antennas and as a result, they will receive a reflected signal. These will be delayed enough for the faulty data. Also, the bandwidth required to accommodate a full stereo signal will need to be reduced to ensure efficient use of the spectrum.

The technical standards for digital radio were developed under the auspices of the European Eureka Project 147. The group includes manufacturers, research stations and network operators. There are two main areas of the system that are interested in digital broadcasting: that is the modulation system and the digital audio coding and coding system.

The encryption and compression system is very important for the system to be able to develop data rates that have been significantly reduced compared to standard CDs. Digital radio system adopts a data rate reduction of 128 kbits / sec, a sixth of the bit rate for quality is similar to the encoded linear signal to achieve input audio signal reduction be analyzed carefully. It is found that the ear can only hear a certain frequency threshold, if the sound is generated at a lower frequency then we will not be able to hear it.

Also if a high-frequency sound is played on a sound system, then the frequency is lowered, it may not be heard because the hearing threshold is modified. By analyzing the sound to and only encoding the components that the ear will hear, it will significantly reduce the amount of work to be done.

Advantages of DAB technology

Digital radio technology (DAB) promises to replace the analog technology with FM radio broadcasting in the near future because DAB technology was overcome many limitations of FM.

What is dab ratio?
DAB technology has overcome many limitations of FM.

To broadcast FM, radio stations use frequencies from 88 to 108MHz. These stations must have a certain distance to avoid wave conflict, so the number of FM radio channels is limited. FM also cannot transmit signals over long distances. Meanwhile, DAB allows stations to transmit information in digital media in much the same way that mobile networks operate, including data compression and multiplexing. DAB creates a very wide channel, about 1,500MHz, then splits this channel into multiple streams for different service providers. DAB is not limited to the number of channels, only stations need to be far enough away from each other so that the signal does not conflict. With FM, the listener must memorize the frequency and detect. As for DAB, channels can be searched by pre-ordered names. Users need to purchase a DAB standard device to use DAB digital radio. In addition to DAB, there is DAB +, an upgraded version of DAB to support adding new audio decoding configurations as well as improving communication quality. In the future, with DAB technology, radio signals can accompany audio data, images, song names …

There are currently 3 other digital radio standards in addition to DAB, which are IBOC – HD Radio, Digital Radio Mondiale, ISDB-T. DAB is highly appreciated by the advantages of the number of programs broadcast on a channel, the ability to transmit data and provide added services.

What is dab ratio?
DAB technology is highly appreciated

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What is syskey?

What is syskey? How to use syskey to protect your computer.

There are a lot of ways to protect Windows systems with passwords,  in which the most common way is to use third-party software. However, just a few people know that in Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 operating system, Microsoft has integrated a powerful security utility (128-bit), which is Syskey. Today, Viknews.com will answer for you what is syskey and how to use this software.

What is syskey?

Syskey is a solid “shell” for the entire database (user account information) contained in the SAM (Security Accounts Manager) file. This is considered a “steel wall” and so far no tools can easily “hack”.

What is syskey?
Syskey is a solid “shell” for the database.

How to install Syskey

5 step to install Syskey

Step 1: You have to log in to the system as an administrator, then access the Run dialog from the Start menu.

Step 2: Type “syskey” (with or without quotation marks) and press Enter. You can also directly activate the “syskey.exe” file at the link \WINDOWS\system32

Step 3: In the open window, click the Update button for the Encryption Enabled item to bring up the next dialog box. Startup key with 2 options as Password startup (Windows will ask you to enter the password every time you boot the system) and System generated password (the system will automatically create a password and save it directly to the – Store startup key on Floppy disk or the system will save the protected password as part of the operating system and “stay idle command “at the specified location – Store startup key locally).

Step 4: Obviously, the second option is not good at security. So you should choose the first option (Password startup), then enter the password protected (maximum length of 128 characters) in 2 Password and Confirm boxes.

What is syskey?
You should remember the password carefully

Step 5: Next, click OK 2 times and restart the computer to establish the effect. Now (before entering the Log on screen), you will be asked to enter a password.


– If you enter the wrong password 3 times, the system will restart automatically.

– You should remember the password carefully because if you forget, the only solution for you is to reinstall Windows or restore the system with Norton Ghost if you have previously created a copy (backup).

– In case you want to change the old password with a new password, you will do the same steps. But there is a small note that after entering the new password into two Password and Confirm boxes, Windows will pop out a dialog box that requires you to enter the old password and you have to remember it. If the password change is successful, there will be a message saying “The account database startup key was changed”.

– In case you do not want Windows to display a dialog box asking for a password, please access the Startup key window, select Store startup key locally and enter the current password to confirm.

– Options to log into the system using Safe mode, Safe mode networking or Safe mode prompt will be disabled (lost effect).

– To increase security, you should set up the system-level BIOS password (system).

How to break syskey password

When you forget your syskey password, because it is a strong password, it must be very careful to break it if you do not want to reinstall the operating system. Breaking the syskey password is rarely mentioned on the Internet. Therefore, Viksnew.com will guide the method to completely unlock the Syskey Password, so that everyone interested can follow.

What is syskey?
You must be very careful to break syskey password


– You need to prepare a Hiren’s BootCD version 9.6 or higher version.


– Insert Hiren’s BootCD into the drive, go to Safe Mode and set the boot order to boot from the CD / DVD drive.

– When the interface of Hiren’s BooCD appears, select “Dos Program” -> Enter.

– Press key 3 to select 3. Password & Registry Tool then enter.

– Press number 1 to select: 1. Offline NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Password Changer then enter.

– Wait a moment for the program to load. The interface shown below is displayed, press A and Enter to display all the found partitions.

– Continue to press number 1 and Enter to select the partition containing the operating system. Maybe your device is work with another number, but usually 1.

– In the interface, press 1 to select key: 1 – Password Reset (Sam system security) -> Enter.

– At the line “What to do?” You press 2 – Syskey status & change then Enter.

– The screen appears a dialog box “Do you really wish to disable SYSKEY”, press Y and Enter.

– Press Q to exit the program.

– Continue to press Y.

– You can try again if it somehow failed … .., press N and Enter

– Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the computer, ending the process of breaking SYSKEY. The computer will enter the login screen and will stop there. The problem now is that all users are required to enter User name and Password even though you have not previously set a Pass. So the next step is to break the pass for Administrator and then log in with the Administrator and Set the password for the remaining users.

What is syskey?
Using syskey is good for you computer

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What is Teamviewer?

What is TeamViewer? Is TeamViewer safe for user?

TeamViewer is one of the most popular software in the world today and is widely used in Vietnam. However, there are a lot of people who have not used this software and wonder what is Teamviewer? Does is it function? Is it dangerous for the computer? Today, Viknews.com will share with you an overview of Teamviewer software.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a software that connects between 2 or more computers to help you control other computers, send files, videos, chat… TeamViewer also is a concept that represents the action of remotely controlling a computer via TeamViewer software. Even in English, the word “TeamViewer” can be used as a verb to act as an intervention to a computer.

TeamViewer features include remote computer access and online meetings. TeamViewer allows you to support customers, work with colleagues remotely, connect to your own device or support friends and family members when needed.

What is Teamviewer?
Teamviewer’s screen

The software is now activated and running on more than 400 million devices, and at any given time there are at least 30 million devices connected to TeamViewer. In addition, the company also developed a number of new products such as technology monitoring solutions, data backup, anti-malware and webinars.

TeamViewer’s solution catalog supports the entire business process and helps address specific needs from screen sharing, remote desktop access, online business conferences, web conferences to congregations. video conferencing, backup, anti-malware, online whiteboard and many other products are under development.

Basic features of Teamviewer


The multi-platform connection from PC to PC, from the mobile device to PC, from PC to mobile device and even from mobile device to mobile device supporting Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, universal Windows platform and BlackBerry.

No computer configuration required

Start and use TeamViewer immediately. Even, TeamViewer works after the firewall and automatically detects any proxy configuration

Maximum compatibility with multiple operating systems

TeamViewer runs on a wide range of operating systems from the most advanced system software to older operating systems.

TeamViewer is international

TeamViewer is available in more than 30 languages and supports international keyboards, becoming the ideal solution for international use.

Free for personal inspection and use

Free check TeamViewer without providing personal information. Also, use free personal software for home use.

What is Teamviewer?
TeamViewer for android

Integrated monitoring

When assigning a device to TeamViewer account, TeamViewer will send a warning to you about disk space, Windows update, virus protection and Windows firewall.

File transfer

Share files of any size at speeds of up to 200 MB / sec using conventional methods such as file manager, context menu, drag & drop and linkable file boxes to cloud storage provider.


Instant messaging function includes chat group, web chat, offline messaging, chat history, fixed chat group, chat initiated by customers from service case, full support for Mobile devices and end-to-end encryption.

Record the session

Record meeting sessions or remote controls (including audio, Voice over IP, videos and photos via webcam) with a simple conversion to AVI video format.

Remote controller

Control the remote computer or Android device or Windows 10 mobile as if you were the main user sitting in front of the screen.

Is it safe to use TeamViewer?

TeamViewer software is very safe and does not pose any danger to your computer. Because this is a quite prestigious and well-known software, the security is quite high. Unless you use pirated copies online, there is a risk. To connect to your computer, someone else’s computer must have an ID, password, and teamviewer of your computer to open. So it is not or very difficult to harm your computer.

What is Teamviewer?
TeamViewer software is very safe

Instructions for using TeamViewer

First when using TeamViewer there will be 2 cases:

– You are the one who wants to connect to another computer to control or do something

– You need help to have someone else on your computer do something

Firstly, you need to open up the TeamViewer by clicking on the TeamViewer icon on the desktop or search for TeamViewer on the computer. TeamViewer software will be opened. However, you will have to wait for the teamviewer to set up Your ID and password. The computer will then display the information and the login window. You can change your password to new one or set a specific password if you like.

In order for others to control your computer, you must give your other PC ID and PASWORD by clicking on each part then can send it via facebook, yahoo, skype, phone message, zalo … If you are a person in need of assistance, you are here to finish. Just wait for others to connect to your computer. If you are the person who wants to connect to another computer, you will enter your computer’s ID information in the right column and click Connect to partner.

What is Teamviewer?
Teamviewer now available in smartphone

If you type the correct password, the teamviewer will proceed to connect and display the screen of the computer you connect to. There will be lots of tools for you to handle. In which the main function is still to control that computer with almost all operations: mouse click, copy, …

Here home page Teamviewer: https://www.teamviewer.com

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