What is TTY mode?

What is TTY mode? Only 1% of Iphone users know about it.

If we have a hundred smartphone users then more than half of people use the iPhone. But not everyone knows what is TTY mode and how to turn on TTY mode. This is a humane software to help deaf people use the iPhone. Today, Viknews.com is pleased to share with you useful knowledge about TTY mode.

What is TTY mode?

The iPhone made by Apple already has numerous of applications and features that can be built into the device or downloaded from Apple’s app store. Of the hundreds of applications that are built into the iPhone, for example: clock, calendar, safari, note, record, maps, … TTY mode is unfamiliar software for many users.

What is TTY mode?
What is TTY mode?

Function of TTY mode on iPhone

The TTY function (short for teletype-TTY-display) is a function help the people with hearing impaired can use the iPhone. For hearing loss people, using an iPhone to make or receive a call is an impossible thing. Therefore, Apple has created its own application to prioritize those who are unlucky than other people in the world. This TTY mode helps deaf people to communicate directly with each other by talking directly instead of talking on the phone. Through the phone network ( there is no need for the internet), you can chat directly with each other. This is considered a new application and of course not everyone needs to use this feature.

When using this mode, you need to have additional tools to use the function including the adapter from the apple, and if you want to talk directly, both devices need to be equipped with this tool.

It uses one end connected to your iPhone, one attached to the device so you can type the message using Apple’s external purchase tool. To disable this function, go to the following link: setting> phone> which has the TTY function, you make the mode ON. On the TTY mode, there is a switch to the ON button and you need to plug in the device to run this application. To turn this mode off, you also have to go to this link and select OFF mode.

What is TTY mode?
The iPhone made by Apple already has numerous of applications

While you use the TTY feature, you may get an error make you cannot turn off this mode. If you see the status of the settings> phone> without seeing the TTY function, you will need to reinstall the entire device by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Setting. After performing the entire reinstallation of your iPhone, it will fix the error of not showing TTY mode.

As I said, TTY function is not everyone needs to use. And designing an Apple TTY function not only gives consumers a new application, but it is also humane. Apple wants to maximize the needs of everyone regardless of ordinary people and people with disability.

How to turn on TTY mode

Text telephone mode (TTY) is used to send text over the phone. You must connect your TTY device to your computer to interpret the changed audio, otherwise you may find the sound quality poor. Using TTY mode in a conference call can also cause sound quality problems.

What is TTY mode?
TTY mode is unfamiliar software for many users.
  • TTY mode is turned off by default. To turn on TTY mode:
  • Connect a TTY device to your computer.
  • In the Lync Windows Store app, swipe from the right edge of the screen and tap Settings.

(If you are using a mouse, point to the upper right corner of the screen, move the cursor down, and then click Settings.)

  • In the Phone access capability, under TTY, drag the slider to the right to turn on TTY mode.
  • Log out of Lync and then log in again.


It can be said, this is a feature that is only used for people with hearing impairment, or the ability to express difficult language. Therefore, not everyone wants to turn on this feature because it depends on your usage needs. However, with this feature, Apple not only gives users a new feature but also expands their audience. Contribute to the development of society and bring high humanitarian value. Since this feature will be set up on the phone network detector, it is also one of the factors that make your Battery drain, so if you do not need to use the function this feature, should turn it off, to be able to use the time for your iPhone.

What is TTY mode?
The TTY mode is a function help the people with hearing impaired can use the iPhone

With the above sharing, Viknews.com hope you will have no questions about what TTY is on the iPhone and can share this useful information with your friends, or those who are disabled, possible poor language performance, to be able to use this feature on an iPhone phone effectively.

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