What is volunteer work and top 5 volunteer works for young people

What is volunteer work ? top 5 volunteer works for young people

Many students and undergraduated usually do volunteer work in their freetime, such as: take care of the elderly in nursing home, clean street, teach for disabilities children,…But do you really understand what is volunteer work and what are the most popular volunteer work? Let’s reading the following article to have a clearer view on it.

What is volunteer work?

What is volunteer work and top 5 volunteer works for young people

Volunteer work is an activities that you doing without financial gain. There are many people who in a tough situation like: lack of financial, homeless people, orphaned children,… that need outside help from community. So volunteers need to spend their time and effort to do things that help others in society.

How to apply a volunteer work?

First step to become a volunteer is find an non-profit organization that match with your care and skills. For instance: if you care abour animal welfare act, you can take part in animal protection association, or if you are interested in communicating then participate in charity organization which help disable people.

With volunteers that have limited time, you can choose volunteer work that fit your condition, such as giving charity porridge and cleaning houses for disabilities people, etc… With student and undergraduate, you should talk to your family before plug into any volunteer work. To reduce anxiety and increase enjoyable, you can volunteering with friends or people that you know.

Second step is finding what your strength is and what you can do for charity organization. In a volunteer activity, there are many position that required different skill set. Thus, you are always be able to find a suitable position that match your skill and interest.

Be careful when arranging volunteer schedules because you may be overload yourself. To prevent this situation, before applying in any volunteer work, make sure that you have enough time to do it, otherwise you will give up on it soon.

What is volunteer work and top 5 volunteer works for young people

Third step is spend time to prepare for applying in charity organization. Prestigious charities often ask volunteers to fill out an application form and arrange an interview to have a better understand about whom they are going to work with. This is also a good opportunity for asking questions to find a suitable position in volunteer work for you.

Final step, when you start doing volunteer work, remember to do it slowly. Let’s try volunteer for a short period of time and make sure that you feel comfortable with it. Then you can lengthen the contract in the future.

Top 5 volunteer work for student and undergraduated

According to a survey, the following are top 5 volunteer works that suitable for student and undergraduate. Rank 5th out of 5 is the work that taking care of elderly in nursing home. There is a special connection between young people and older people. Volunteers can remind elderly that they are still an important part of society.

Volunteer work in nursing home may be include: clean bathroom, living room, bedroom; help elderly do personal hygiene; have conversation and play game with them,… Especially, you are not required to have any special skills to do volunteer work at a nursing home.

Rank 4th is woking at animal protection/rescue association. This is a highly recommended volunteer work for teenagers because they are likely to attract by small animal like kitties and puppies. The work will include: take care of street dogs/cats, find stray animal, treat injured animals, etc,…

What is volunteer work and top 5 volunteer works for young people

Rank 3th is providing free food for homeless people, poor people near your living area. After lunch or dinner time, you can collect leftovers from your family and neighbors, which are still delicious, and give out to homeless people living around. Or on the weekend, you and your family can make a soup kitchen to provide hot meals for who needed.

Rank 2th is doing clean tasks in public parks. Each day, every public park receives an average of more than a hundred visits, so the amount of waste increase very quickly. Volunteer works in public parks are very simple, like pick up the trash and put it into bin or pulling weeds. You need to make sure that you are allowed to held cleaning event in public parks. This is a great opportunity to immediately benefit the community.

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Number 1 is helping disabled people doing routine activities. There are a lot of disabilities people who find out it difficult in doing their daily activities like cleaning house, personal hygiene, cooking, etc… You can find people that need help on website providing volunteer work. Make sure that you meet all requirements in take care of sick people and have preventive measures if the disease is contagious.

Volunteer works are great oppoturnities to learn new skills and gain valuable experiences. It also helps you have an impressive curriculum vitae and is appreciated by employers. You should start apply for volunteer work to have memorable experiences.

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